April 21st, 2005

you think you know...

"and this frozen world, somehow it all falls down..."

Parental love for the day: Thank you for not needing to be given a copy of the "I am the Parent of a College Senior" Riot Act.

Oh, feeling so t-shirt-ed out.  Protestant!Carolyn and i both got sucked into buying "God Squad" t-shirts from Newman ($5 to Box 7549).  And okay, so i am mildly discomfited, but the discomfort at having a t-shirt that says "God Squad" is won over by the multi-level coolness of having a t-shirt that says "God Squad."  It says "Les Femmes Catholiques" in pretty script underneath, but the type of script means it isn't immediately legible.

Size Matters is getting "A waist is a terrible thing to mind" t-shirts, which people should buy 'cause we have to have more than just us ordering for it to be a reasonable price.

And y'all have convinced me of the lowercase "word" for the English Department t-shirts.

Laughing Wild starring Christopher Durang at Huntington Theatre?  ambrent wins at life for informing me of this.  It runs June 3-26 at Virginia Wimberly Theatre at the Calderwood Pavilion.  [539 Tremont]  Tickets are $42, except "Last Row Orchestra" are only $14.  I am not paying $42, but $14 is totally cool.  And with only 360 people, i figure the seats can't suck that much.
Googling the director, i learned that there is an Internet Broadway Database.  ::heart::  (Okay, so it's not particularly relevant to me, being as i am not so much a theatre-goer, but it pleases me that such a thing exists.)

I got mad in Inklings class today.  CZ was talking about George McDonald and how his writing isn't all that great though the mythic stories themselve are arguably compelling, and she talked about Lewis' literary criticism and how he basically said you should forgive the hackneyed language because myth is a different entity than literature -- and admittedly it's problematic that i haven't read any of what Lewis had to say about literary criticism nevermind the specifics of what he said about McDonald, so we didn't exactly have the same frame of reference, but i was irked, because retelling a powerful myth in a shoddy manner makes on a bad storyteller, and you shouldn't hide behind the myth or excuse bad writing by saying the powerful story shines through the bad storytelling, and maybe that isn't exactly what he was saying, but i had definitely forgotten what it felt like to get mad in that class as i've been so nonparticipatory recently (since i mostly haven't been doing the reading).

And in doing my Beauty and the Beast readings for seminar, i found stuff i wanted to work into my Little Red Riding Hood paper (women, beasts, sex... we are hardly surprised).

Pope roundup via InstaPundit.  I read it quickly and have read few of the links (yet).  This is a useful bullet list about him, though.  And one thing it says is that he has said is that priestly celibacy is "Not a dogma of the faith" -- though obviously a lot of the other things he's said are problematic.  Collapse )

After deep talk, i give you fic: Kyrie Eleison by Kyra Cullinan (Angel-centric) and Simple Things (the “Judged By Its Cover” remix) by Kurukami (Book-centric).

And for lightness: springy Jossverse icons and bright shiny Firefly ones.

Selections from my Random playlist: "Little Musgrave" by John Wesley Harding, "Toy Soldiers" by Martika, "welcome to" by Ani DiFranco, "One of These Days" by Michelle Branch, "Ice Cream" by Sarah McLachlan, "Waltzing With Him" by Christine Lavin, "Blood From a Stone" by Jonatha Brooke, "Spending My Time" by Roxette, "Deliver Me" by Sarah Brightman, "Innocence Maintained" by Jewel, "Wonderland" by Collapsis

(Avoiding my homework?  Me?)
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Open Letter from my father (who has no LJ)

My first year of college was the worst year in my life (and second year ranks way down there too). I was consistently surprised, and extremely happy, that Elizabeth's first year wasn't miserable. In fact, her whole college experience has been basically good. That's largely because of the people she has known. So to everyone who has come her way and helped make something good, all you right, left, gay, straight, in person, in pixels, all the many, many ways you are, thank you. I will always be grateful to you.

Edit: My mother adds:
Ditto to the open letter. Made me tear.
Three cheers for Hermione's people!