May 5th, 2005


"Anything worth doing is worth obsessing over."

-from the cover of the card my mommy sent me

On the inside she wrote "A little something to get you through your last two weeks at Smith!"  Enclosed was a jar of (undercooked per my preference) chocolate chip cookies.  They arrived yesterday and are definitely mostly gone already.

I decided "fuck this" and hauled myself out of bed to take the 9am exam this morning because really, how much "studying" was i gonna do before 2pm? and this way i have a free afternoon.  My long essay was crap as it was nearly devoid of specifics, but i think i did well on everything else.  Last undergraduate exam ever, done.  I can now be fannish without guilt.

Because the fic i read tends to range from poignant to rip-your-heart-out-and-step-on-it, with dollops of just plain dark, i thought i would point out that the majority of juleskicks's fic is upbeat.  Also: Emma, have you read mpoetess' Small Fries?

So, um,  i am working at SCMA all day Friday [tomorrow], but otherwise am available just about whenever.  Therefore, those of you who will be around should make plans to hang out with me.

I heart craigslist. (thanks hedy)
hermione by oatmilk

"two hits to the heart, son..."

In the interest of having less physical shit to deal with, i attempted to sell back my books to the bookstore -- something i haven't tried since my first year of college.  Of course none of the books [save one] are re-ordered for next semester, so i got shit money for about half of them and zilch for the other half (hello  I did get enough money for a student round trip to Boston, though.  And of all things, i got $5.50 for my ancient copy of Death of a Salesman because it's the one thing that's getting reorderded for the fall.  I also did assorted other errands.  I keep feeling like there are things i should be doing.  This whole "done" thing takes some sinking in.  (And it's Done done, which may not hit me until my brother goes off to college in the fall, slash, i hear about Smith folk starting up classes again.)

[You totally missed this spamming thing while i was being owned by my seminar paper, didn't you? ;) ]