May 8th, 2005

dead (sexy)

I suck.

So, i'm packing up stuff for my dad to take home tomorrow, and i have so much stuff. Mostly paper stuff. And i should really go through it and seriously get rid of stuff, but i have such issues getting rid of anything i might ever read/use again. So it's easier to just pack it all up, even though i know i'll be even less inclined to go through any of it once i get home. Not to mention all the stuff i already have back home. My mother's gonna kill me one of these days. (Or just throw out everything i own, which would be both worse and better.)

And then there's the fact that i have like 10 outfits i wear all the time, so i really need to go shopping (which i so don't enjoy) and get clothes i'll actually wear, not to mention get rid of all the clothes i own but never wear.

I want to just wake up a responsible adult with her life under control, and not have to go through all the difficulty of actually getting there. (And okay, so i actually already think of myself as such in a lot of ways, but there are all these nasty mundane things i still have to manage.)

*goes off to go through papers and throw more things out*