May 10th, 2005

hermione by oatmilk

Senior Week, what?

I have spent so much time with Fefe, Kate, and Laura; also with Liz and Nao.  Notice how none of those are '05-ers?  Though there are some seniors i'd like to see before we graduate.

I went to the concert in JMG on Monday.  Smith College Chorus and Glee Club did Ave Maria, then they left and U of M Men's Glee Club came on. They started right off with "Laudes Atque Carmina," which apparently they always start with.  Michiganensium?  I totally validate every Smithie who's ever said they miss male singing voices, though.  Mmm.  The conductor reminded me of Mr. Ambrose -- the energy, and the fun.  Oh the William Tell Overture.  (We did that at Pops once.)  It reminded me of a cappella -- making instrumental music into vocalizations.  They did a variety of types of pieces and finished with Moses Hogan's "Witness."  Did Ms. Moen ever do that song?  It sounds like the kind of thing she would have done, but i couldn't tell if it was familiar enough to actually have been.  (Googling, it looks like it might be an arrangement of a spiritual, which would explain why the words but not the tune sounded familiar, if Ms. Moen did a different arrangement.)

After an intermission they all together with the SC Orchestra did Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 in D minor, op. 125.  I decided i'm not a particular fan of the symphony, but the performance was good.  Jonathan looked so angry during the angry parts, like he was gonna lunge at the violins.  (Was it Holland or Ambrose who said if he passed out during a performance -- i think this was during MICCA season -- to just keep playing?)

That night i had the first alcohol i've had in a while that i didn't fetch myself (not counting the dept. party).

And today i wasn't a complete bum.  Look, plans for life after college.

Palmer Insititute of Massage & Bodywork looks promising.  A touch hippie-dippie, but Polarity Energy Balancing looks reasonably legit, and on the whole the required course program looks reasonable and balanced.  Plus, i appreciate that you're required to take a Business Mastery course.

For bartending, should i do Boston Bartenders School of America or DrinkMaster Bartending School of Boston?

I am so behind on fannish meta and linkage, so here's a brief summation of recent highlights.
(1) I totally need to read Anne Rice's Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt when it comes out.
(2) alittlewhisper has a quality rant about the penis in fanfic.
(3) new: Blood Sings: Multifandom High-Quality Incest Fanfiction AutoArchive [missambs says no explicit underage -- i.e., under 16 -- sex.]