June 15th, 2005


I'm behind on LJ; i know.

I should be updating/catching up within a day or two.

Before i go to bed, though, a quick poll.

Al says i get to pick a pendant from page 27 of the catalog and he'll exchange my "e" pendant.

His favorite is the open teardrop. I like it, but it also looks like it curves out a bit which weirds me out. Online i found a solid teardrop that i prefer, though it's still kinda weird. I'm conflicted as to the butterfly. The starfish is out of the question as it has a diamond chip which more than doubles its price. And lastly there's the "Sirius Star" (i totally thought of you, marauderthesn) which i'm leaning towards.

So since polls are clearly the way to be, i open this up to my flist. (The letters refer to the catalog page items.)

Poll #513256 Tiffany necklace

Which pendant should i get?

[F] open teardrop
solid teardrop
[D] star
[B] butterfly
dead (sexy)

I'm annoyingly tired for this hour.

I'm mostly caught up on comments and flist, but an actual update is apparently not in the cards for tonight.

I have an interview with an actual company tomorrow at 10am.  Am meeting people for dinner in Kenmore at 6, so i'm meeting my mom for lunch and then hanging out at her office.  Am unsure if i'll have any Internet access, so don't count on being able to reach me.


*falls over*