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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Sunday, July 3rd, 2005

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"ecce homo, ergo elk"
I was so punchy Friday morning.

I updated my recs pages (hello first of the month) and really just wanted to spend the day reading fic.  "You better not write your thank you notes before I do," my brother said before he left for his doctor's appointment.  Which of course meant i had to.

That evening, lone_wanderingJonah and paper_crystalsRachel came over to watch Firefly, though the former left relatively early on to get some sleep.  (I only started crashing around 6am, which was impressive.)  We talked a lot early on, about the series and about other stuff, though we tried to restrain ourself in the interest of getting the whole series watched.  (Re)Watching with people is of the good, plus since i've seen the whole series before (and now the movie as well) i got to notice things i hadn't before (even though it was my 3rd or maybe even 4th time round with some of the episodes).  There will be a long entry at some point, though i really should do stuff like my readings for massage class first.  (P.S. It should not be this difficult to manage to get people to practice massage on.  Or to go out to bars with me for that matter.)
Okay, that was weird.
First weirdness was falling asleep reading after being up for only 13 hours (and after my 12ish hour sleep, to boot). Then during my nap i had the most detailed dream i've had in ages. Which mostly involved being kidnaped. (P.S. ambrent, Mr. P. or no, that word looks so wrong spelled that way.) And my brother and Meredith being unhelpful. And high school graduation parties even though i was at college, and then a weird phone survey for my high school reunion. And Summer Glau was at the Serenity screening and then i was in the movie, still being kidnapped. And part of me is tempted to write it all down just because i don't usually remember my dreams that much. It was very complicated and only sometimes missing transitions. Part of me points out that's rather a waste of time as it wasn't all that inherently interesting.

[Edit: Bugger. My birthday's coming up so i need to figure out what material goods should actually remain on my wishlist. And i still have no word from assorted parties about potential NYC on the 9th.]
actual content
My father sent me this, pointing out that "he's absolutely wrong that, "It’s got no defenses." Humans have two very powerful defenses: the ability to cooperate, and the ability to make and use tools (aka weapons)."
My mom just started watching "Bushwhacked" and she said Kaylee reminded her of Alison and i thought yeah, playful, okay, and then it turned out she meant Inara ("elegant carriage" she said) and i was super confused, still thinking she meant her boss' young daughter. Nope, she meant athene, which makes much more sense.

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