July 4th, 2005

restless [moobytooby]

still gainfully unemployed

So, i heard of Elizabeth Kostova's The Historian through a brief Newsweek piece.  I was intrigued.  The book isn't an unenjoyable read, but nothing particularly struck me.  [I did squee that the Oxford college is Trinity, though.]  For continuations of the story begun by Bram Stoker, i far prefer Marie Kiraly's Mina.

Cradle Elbows Wide by Vehemently is like, the Firefly fic.  About the gruesomeness of war, so it took me a long time to actually read it.  It's about the Battle of Serenity Valley and isn't nearly as gruesome as i was expecting.  I was actually rather underwhelmed.  There are Firefly fics i find astounding and moving (and i just read a post-movie piece by musesfool that made me cry) but this just isn't one of them.

Monty Python's Flying Circus is better when the episode has a theme instead of just consisting of scattered randomness.

I finally got to practice massage.  I seem to have forgotten muches.  Am so glad we're doing a full review this Tuesday.

We also finally took down the top bunk of my bed.  Now i can access stuff like my bookcase and my windows.  (I also discovered that, the books i've been looking for for hunnerds of years?  I put them with my trolls, My Little Ponies, Pooh books, and Parsifal books in a box of kids stuff i didn't use anymore but still wanted to keep.)  I definitely don't have enough room in my room for all my stuff.  Which has led to some moodiness about getting rid of said stuff.  And at least some of the stuff will eventually get sent to Smith people.  P.S. Anyone want this Monet poster?

Here is what i want for my 22nd birthday: a full-time office job like the one i had at SCMA which pays approx. 35K and has decent benefits and which i can leave early to attend massage class(es) no problem, a nice gig bartending, people i can practice massage on regularly, and a cell phone.  I do not want more books or CDs.  (Well, okay, Whedonverse philosophy books would be cool.  As would Angel DVDs.  But dude.  I already own so many books i have never read, plus even more that i need to reread to decide whether i still want them.)  Neither do i want stationery, posters, chapstick, knick-knacks, etc.  I have enough writing paraphernalia.  I would like professional blouses that i like and that fit right.  I would like nice shoes that are comfortable to wear.  I want visits with the people i like.  Failing that, regular LJ/e-mail/phone interaction with said people.

If you want to spend money on me, either write me a check or take me out to a bar where i can dork out watching them make drinks.  Taking me out to dinner is also allowed.  If you must buy me items, take me somewhere that sells professional clothes and let me pick out a blouse or shoes or something else i'll actually use and then pay for it.  Granted the people who insist on buying me stuff don't read this, and none of you have money to burn on me anyhow.  (If you did, it would probably involve paying my expenses to come visit you, which is also a totally valid way to spend money on me.)  But this being my journal means i get to rant.
acquire rational thought [individum]

CSI: Miami - "Game Over"

"I don't care if the whole world knows there's a new Cookie Devine video, just so long as Matthew doesn't."

Couldn't you just tell your new boyfriend about your pornstar past? Instead of asking CSI to search for whomever broke into your house and stole that tape you made with your boyfriend.

I so wanted to walk away and not watch the episode because that pained me so much. But i was curious about the dead guy in the car.

"hour follows hour like water follows water"

Practice on my mom tonight went smoother than my brother last night.  Am remembering what it feels like to do the stuff we learned weeks ago.  Am still glad we'll be running the whole thing in class tomorrow.  The whole experience reminded me how important it is to review every day, even if it's just going over my notes, because it's so easy to forget.  (True also for memorization stuff like bartending, which i really should work on -- memorizing and jobhunting -- as well.)