July 9th, 2005

i do it for the joy it brings

Happy Birthday To Me.

One of the staffing firms i'm registered with sent me a happy birthday postcard :)

For the Saturday that happens to be my birthday, i have been invited to a bar shindig in NYC, a play, and a party/yard sale outside of Boston. Feast or famine, as my father put it. My ultimate decision was NYC. Plans for which are not as concrete as i would like, but i’ll manage. [I just got an (unrelated) e-mail dated Wednesday, so now i have worry that there is a dinner plan e-mail intended for me but floating in the ether.]

I went over to Jonah’s to practice massage on him. His family is cute. And they got Boston Market, so i had real food for dinner (mashed potatoes, mac&cheese, green beans, and corn bread i actually liked). Plus this amazingly yummy German white wine, whose name i didn’t quite manage to remember -- something like Frauberlich. Jonah, wanna find out for me? Anyway, practicing massage on people i’m so aware of what/how i’m doing wrong, but so far people have consistently said really positive things, which is affirming.

Allie casually mentioned a hot scene in a homoerotic production of Jesus Christ Superstar she’d seen, we debated whether i really did hate the movie, and she got sucked back into rereading our marathon comment session on my long-even-for-me entry on the movie, saying, "this was some damn fine interpretive argument on both sides." Dude, i miss those days.

I heard from the mythical boy. That was exciting.

This whole being on AIM thing really does facilitate contact with people.

Meredith and i made tentative plans, and she commented, "one (probably the only) good reason to hope neither of us are employed by then"