July 18th, 2005

diablo robotico [saava]

crackpairing fic, take 1

So, sk8eeyore posted a result from this and then trijinx got in on the fun and i got sucked into playing around. trijinx later edited her post to add, "I triple-dog-dare hermionesviolin to fic one of the first 5-10 pairings she gets through this generator, partially because I'm bored, partially because she might actually do it."

AnneofGreenGables EXITS pursued by SleepingBeauty

What's Your Ultimate Fandom OTP?
Shiver My Timber--A Pirate RPG

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small girl in big world [_extraflamey_]

still gainfully unemployed

“If I die while I’m a Norwood teacher, do you want a monthly allowance or a lump sum?”
-July 13, 2005 (my father to my mother, filling out paperwork)

I really don’t need any more stuff, so my mom and grandma took me shopping for work clothes for my birthday.

We had lunch at the Legal Sea Foods across from Back Bay.
I ordered a Metropolitan (blackberry and lemon). It was pink, which surprised me (and which made me think of Jorge telling us when in doubt make it pink). It had a sting at the end. I was particularly amused because i had been talking to Sharon i think who had said she preferred Ketel One to Grey Goose because she found it smoother, and the menu listing totally said it was made with Ketel One.
We spent close to 2 hours in the mall, and The Limited was the only place i found good stuff.
The way their shirts are cut, Mediums are too tight, and Larges are too long to be aesthetically pleasing to me. However, they have these neat wrap shirts -- yay adjustable. Plus, they were on sale 40% off, so they were actually a sane price. I got two of those (one teal, one black with white pinstripes). And they sell knit camisoles that i really like, so i got 4 of those (teal, beige, black, white).

Went to Jonah’s on Friday. We always fall into such easy (geeky) conversation.

He heard the dark Snow White, the one that ends with the red shoes (cf. HCA’s tale) and connected it to the near-finale of OMWF. Clever boy. I’d actually never made that connection.

Went to Kate’s on Sunday.

Watched more Dead Like Me. “Reapercussions” (1.04) was the first episode i really loved. Am definitely more a fan of the show as it goes along.

Also watched The Incredibles, which i liked more than i was expecting to. Didn’t jennyo talk about The Incredibles on LJ? I can’t find the entries in her archives, though.

Went to dinner at Applebee’s. I learned that i like their veggie pizza and that it’s large enough that additionally ordering mozzarella sticks is unnecessary. I order an alcoholic beverage because i could (Bananaberry Split -- strawberry and banana with a touch of coconut and pineapple, plus Baicardi Light Rum). Yum. Applebee’s has so many yummy mixed drinks, flavored martinis, etc. I wanna go just to order drinks.

I told Kate i thought i had drunk more alcohol this summer than i did during my entire last year at Smith. Upon closer examination i’m not entirely sure this is true, but it’s definitely close.

WBOS is doing free evening concerts in Copley Square this summer.
Thursday, July 21st - Maia Sharp & Mike Doughty's Band (co-headlining) 5:30pm
I loved Maia Sharp’s song on The Mighty soundtrack, though i was underwhelmed by her Hardly Glamour album. I'm interested to hear how she's turned into, though -- plus, free concert.

Thursday, July 28th - Aimee Mann & Tracy Bonham (opening) 5:30pm
*looks at website* Aimee Mann is part of Til Tuesday? Who knew. (Not me, apparently.)
HP6:HBP UK edition is expected to arrive Friday, according to Amazon. I think i should get extra fan points for getting the proper edition. The intense all-pervasiveness of it on my flist is making me feel contrary and undesirous to read it, and reading oyceter’s commentaries on the books is making me feel OMGHATE for them.

Now that The New Johnny Depp Movie is out and people are talking about it i think i need to reread the original Roald Dahl book. (I might even read the inferior sequel for the hell of it.) I have absolutely no desire to see the new movie or rewatch the old one, but i am interested in the discussion about the character of Willy Wonka.
crazy [lavellebelle]


So, this chick on girlslash advertises her comm hermione_girls.  "This is a harry potter discussion for girls."  I check it out for the hell of it, skimming and finding it rather lame which was not unexpected, and as i scroll down i see a Subject heading "HBP: summury, chap. 1."  I stop right there and reply to the girlslash post suggesting that she really should utilize cut-tags and if she's not going to she should make very clear in the community information that she's going to be discussing the book without cut-tags, since not everyone has finished or even started the newest book yet.  The reply i get from her is: "i'm sorry for you inconvenionce."