July 23rd, 2005

hermione by oatmilk

HP6:HBP - running commentary

My mother's coworker (the one who got us into Harry Potter, actually) left a copy of Book 6, American edition, on my mom's desk at work on Monday. Wednesday the UK edition arrived at our house.

I was actually really enjoying my contrariness and bulking up on fanfic in assorted fandoms (incl. HP). Plus my flist was mostly being very good about cut-tagging, but i got a definite Collapse ) vibe, which disinclined me to read the book like whoa.

But i did read it. And here is my running commentary as i read. Unspoiled by anything except hearsay about that afore-cuttagged vibe.

Collapse )

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I used Firefox's "copy link location" to put all my flist's reactions to the book in a word processing document, so of course i'll be going back and reading and responding to those next.

Via illiterate:
The Shameful Secrets Fest: Comment anonymously with some (Harry Potter) fic pairing or premise that you're ashamed to admit that you want to read. Then look through the list of everyone else's requests and pick one to write. HBP spoilers at the link.
Edit: so i checked it out and wow, i could only skim the list, my stomach was turned so frequently. Congratulations HP fandom, you have managed to squick me like whoa, something i previously thought nigh on impossible.


RPI Boston Alum group invited my bro to a day trip to Cochituate State Park.  The girl in the website picture looks so much like my mom's boss's daughter.

Notable slips of the tongue/ear/brain this weekend:
sacrum != scrotum
redonkulous != donkey ass
gesticulate != germinate

Meme from traces:
Including you people who read but never comment.

Comment With:
Your Name, Location, A little blurb about yourself and A Photo.

My answer:
Elizabeth S.
whitebread suburb south of Boston

obsessive completionist, textually oriented, queers everything that moves, problematizes everything, insists on respectful dialogue and also consistency, and because traces reminded me: notsosekritly destined to become a reference librarian (she phrased it as, "my most reliable resource when i'm at a loss for oh-whatchamacallit!!" 'cause she rox like that)


Oh, and fannish thing i forgot to mention, watching "Shindig" Jonah asked if Mal/Kaylee was popular in fandom (a frequent topic of conversation recently has been 'ship trends in various fandoms).  It was funny because i don't think i ever thought of pairing them until well after the first time i saw the series, though i've seen it a bunch recently.  *cough*musesfool*cough*

I've decided that Inara/Kaylee is for me like Buffy/Faith is for Allie -- a pairing that you really like but that no one seems to write the way you want them to.

"As the industry struggles to redefine the paradigm of the movie business," [Universal's co-president of marketing, Eddie] Egan said, "and what makes people go to movies or avoid them, a piece of text on a Web page sold out theaters."
-from "Whedon flock ready for 'Firefly' resurrection" (Yahoo News)
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