July 25th, 2005


Dove: Real Women Have Curves

So, i wandered over to shipbuilding’s journal [it occurs to me that i should start friending people i regularly wander to; this is also a perfect time for you to pimp me the brainy folk on LJ] and dude, that Real Women Have Curves Dove beauty campaign? Is for a cellulite firming cream. Boo like whoa.

It has also been pointed out that “Real Women Have Curves” as a slogan for anything is problematic since it implies that skinny, flat-chested, etc. women aren’t equally “real.”

Relatedly, the results of the One woman, two messages study don’t surprise me. Near the end the author writes, "Just how confident is Nicole? She agreed to let us leave her photo unretouched (after a little hand-wringing), so others could see her as she truly is." This makes me sad, ‘cause while i didn’t scream “hottie!” when i saw the picture, she is far from unattractive. Kinda pear-shaped, but dude, it happens. Far preferable to famine victims and basketball-boobs.

Also, Roeper, you suck.

"If I want to see plump gals baring too much skin, I'll go to Taste of Chicago, OK? I'll walk down Michigan Avenue or go to Navy Pier. When we're talking women in their underwear on billboards outside my living room windows, give me the fantasy babes, please."

*sigh* Sorry to burst your bubble, but some people’s fantasies are “plump girls.” The mainstream media standard may be one thing, but that doesn’t mean that everyone’s fantasy is in fact all one thing.

I’m personally not particularly attracted to the images in this ad campaign since the women seem rather flat to me -- more fleshy than we’re used to seeing, but still without real curves -- but i’m not particularly uppity about this, and certainly there have been women (and men) supposedly more “conventionally” attractive whom i have seen in advertisements for one thing or another whom i have found not at all attractive.

The other Sun Times piece (woman reporter) contains this gem:
A colleague pointed out to me that he has no problem with the ads and that the scantily clad women are attractive. He said the problem is we expect ads always to show only the most beautiful women. He claims if the Dove 6 put on clothes (please, really) and were in a Chicago bar, they'd be considered attractive.

It's like standing someone who you think is tall next to a basketball player. Do that, and your pal ends up looking like a dwarf.

I get that it's all relative, but that's all the more reason why they shouldn't be on a billboard. See, ads should be about the beautiful people. They should include the unrealistic, the ideal or the unattainable look for which so many people strive. That's why models make so much money. They are freaks -- human anomalies -- who need to be paid to get photographed so we can gawk at them.

I see "real people" all the time. I don't need "real people" to sell me things. I'm a "real person" and I don't want to see me on the side of a bus -- and trust me, in my underwear neither do you. (And speaking of underwear, what's with the lingerie these women are wearing? It's like Sears catalog, circa 1983.)
I’ll grant that one wants particularly attractive people to sell you things, and i’m certainly in the “these women are rather plain” camp, but i think there are a lot of body types that can be hot, and it’s a total cop-out to say that just because we’ve only been shown one body type as teh sexor that that necessarily means all other body types are only hot when they’ve got other selling points.

(As for the complaints about the Sears boring undergarments, it seemed fitting to me since Dove is all about pure&natural.)
you think you know...

the uses of enchantment -- er, livejournal

So, i was thinking about recs, again.  Because scrollgirl posted a link to a friend's recs journal.  I've been going through fic/recs pages of assorted authors recently, and talking fandom (pairings etc.) with Jonah.  And reading good fic that i'm tempted to pimp immediately.  And i remembered posting a while back about how i don't post recs in my LJ, and how neither do most of my friends, save the HP valley_slash posse (who mostly read H/D), and how i almost polled about how i rec -- whether i should post in my LJ more, whether i should update my recs page more, etc.  And seeing scrollgirl's link to a recs journal reminded me that that's an option i hadn't thought of.

So here's the poll i thought of making a while back, with an added option.

Poll #539020 audience participation

Should i post fic recs in my LJ?

No. Make a recs journal (and see my answer below).
Yes, but only the most awesome fics you read.
No. People can check out your site if they care.
No but you should update your site more than once a month.
We're not interested in the same fandoms.
Come see the limitations inherent in this pollage system and read my comment.

Should i make a recs journal?

No. Post them here (and see my answer above).
Yes, but only for the most awesome fics you read.
No. People can check out your site if they care.
No but you should update your site more than once a month.
We're not interested in the same fandoms.
Come see the limitations inherent in this pollage system and read my comment.

What should i post more of?

Fannish babblings.
Fic recs.
Political type musings and links.
Religion/theology discussion.
Talk about novels i'm reading.
Real life happenings.
More?  Girl, do you ever shut up?
Bitch, it's your journal.  Post about whatever you want and in whatever amount you want.
Giles on a horse, need i say more? [muzakgurrl]

news from diadeloro

Alan Tudyk replaces Hank Azaria in 'Spamalot'
NEW YORK (AP) — Alan Tudyk will be Broadway's new Lancelot in Monty Python's Spamalot.
-from USA Today

(article with fuller bio here)

Also from Kate: Morena says, "We’re all still signed on to do three pictures." Alan's statement has been on IMDb trivia for ages, but i never did see the interview in question, so the confirmation was nice. (And Nathan Fillion says the same -- "We’re all roped into a trilogy. We all signed for a trilogy so if this first one does well, we’re going to do two more.")

And in other fannishness, not from diadeloro, an interesting post-HBP theory i haven't heard before.
big girl world

In theory, our cell phones are arriving today.

So, i phone interviewed this morning for neat sounding R&D company. Receptionist position, but their PR person is overworked and always looking for a second set of eyes/hands, so during lulls i'd get to copyedit maybe even draft stuff. They're out by Alewife, and the regular hours are until 4:30, so i'd have to leave a bit early for class, but she sounded like they're pretty flexible. Positive interview, and supposedly i'll hear back by the end of the week (though who really knows).
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"someone is on your side... someone else is not"

That was the most unenthusiastic person i have talked to in a long long time. Am rather less than optimistic about the interview. We shall see.

Our phones came. Finally. Am currently wading through all the instructions to try to figure out how to charge them. (My tech-savvy brother is at work all day.) So see, that means i'll finally shut up for a while.

2:21pm - Okay, that was easier than it seemed like it was going to be.

Look at me go, editing entries instead of spamming you like whoa :)

I sent constructive criticism re: a Kaylee/Inara fic i read on Populli and was worried the person would read it too harsh and be upset, but i got an actual positive response. Wootness. I do have some feedback karma after all. (Not to mention renewed faith in humanity and all that.)

And the 3 spam mails in my fannish account?
Jim Mackey
Congratulating F. Abbess
Foist T. Becalming

IIRC, it's her natural color, but SMG with dark hair disturbs my brain.
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June 16 - July 25.

40 days and 3 orders later, i have a cell phone.

And my brother and i are so 12. In the best way possible.

Vid, photos, ring tones, the echo/feedback of having us both on speakerphone. We still haven't figured out voicemail yet.

And the Motorola symbol on my sweet new silver phone keeps making me think "Bat signal!"

We have Verizon, so anyone on Verizon i get to call for free even if it's not night-and-weekend.

I haven't been much of a phone person in the past, but for the past 4 years most everyone i wanted to talk to was either within walking (if not shouting) distance, and anyone else, well i was bonded to a computer that was constantly online. I suspect esp. once Smith starts back up again i'll be using the phone a lot to contact people i miss.

Odds are i don't know your contact # or i can't find it, so i decided to screen anon comments on this entry, so you can leave a normal comment or switch to anon mode and leave me your #. I don't quite feel comfortable posting my # publically, but i don't really wanna lock the entry, so if you want my number, lemme know.