July 29th, 2005

no one can stop us now

"Life is perfect, never better, still your daughter, still the same."

So, Meredith was in Bed Bath & Beyond and saw this, so she bought one for herself and one for me.  My mother's first reaction was, "Someone bought you a physical object?  What are they, mad?"  But i actually heart it.

In a sillier vein, there's this from a Whedonesque thread about how the movie poster isn't finalized.

The poster is actually finalized now, though, and you can check out the finished and draft versions from links here.

Wow.  Seeing people from high school.  Which is always weird.  Being called Liz.  Which is so bizarre, since few people since high school have been allowed to get away with that.

traces wrote, i read somewhere once that we are "most ourselves" at the age of eleven.  Ye gods that is terrifying.  I was a complete bitch when i was 11.  Thankfully i got over it once i was 12.  My brother turned obnoxious when he was 11 as well, and we kept expecting him to get over it and it took him until i think age 15 or 16.  I hear age 11 and think "run away!"  I was talking to some mother a few months ago who said there should be a home for 11-year-olds, where you can ship them so that you don't kill them, and of course you would have to pay a fortune to whomever worked there, but it would be worth it.

Also: omgwtfbbq1

Edit: So, i got turned down for a position. (I did a phone interview, and just received an e-mail saying in very nice language basically, we won't be calling you back for a second interview.) I actually wanted the job, but i'm honestly kind of excited at having actually had someone follow through on the whole "We'll be calling people back for second interviews and will let you know by the end of the week."
small girl in big world [_extraflamey_]

request for Jesus book recommendations

So, discussing The DaVinci Code with moxiemuse and Roberta Bondi (and Luke Timothy Johnson) with sk8eeyore reminds me that i really need to do more research into just what Jesus said about himself.  Obviously this means starting with reading the New Testament, but what do you recommend i read in addition?  I'm looking for information about the life of the historical Jesus, information about what Jesus said about himself and what that means, information about how the disciples interpreted what Jesus said/did, anything of that sort.  Anything from hardline orthodox positions to hardcore rip down the foundations of Christianity, and anything in between.  It just has to be grounded in logic and scholarship -- hence the request for recommendations.  Referring me back to posts of your own, whether they're personal musings or reactions to particular books/lectures/whatever, is also fine, as are, "I have no idea, but I hear Author X is really good," or "A professor I trust told me Book L is a load of bunk."
no one can stop us now

barely two months until Serenity

The new U.S. Serenity trailer? Even more spoilery than the UK one i would say.

I remain really really glad that i saw everything for the first time in the movie proper. (And okay Advanced Screening = unfinished cut, so that undermines the whole "proper" thing, but you know what i mean -- seeing each thing as it came, in the context of the movie.)

But we all know i hate knowing what's gonna happen in advance ever when it comes to narratives.

(In keeping with this, i'm opting out of listening to the music until after i see the finished movie.)