August 13th, 2005

(hidden) wisdom

Real Sex: the naked truth about chastity (Lauren F. Winner)

The first Lauren Winner book i read was Girl Meets God, which i don’t recommend.

One thing i didn’t mention in my discussion of that book was how when Winner talks about going to Confession she mentions her two big personal sins and one of them was sex and how i just boggled. Collapse )

Collapse )

In a completely unrelated context (well okay, it did have to do with sexual relationships), ann1962 described a particular narrative intent as follows:
"you have to understand why you do what you do. If you can live with that, well, fine. If you can't, and it is causing you pain, you might want to check out why you are doing what you do."

I really like that as an idea about how to live your life.

After i wrote all this up, i read sk8eeyore’s (flocked) response, which was far briefer than mine, though touched on some of the same issues. sk8eeyore also focused on some issues that i didn’t.

She said that this review (linked to by marketsquare a while back) formed most of her preconceptions about the book. I read said review before i read the rest of her entry Collapse )