August 28th, 2005

no one can stop us now


dorrie6 has been posting spoiler-free excerpts from articles about Serenity. I saw an Advance Screening and loved it but honestly thought it would be hard to really be into it if you didn’t already know and love the ‘verse (hence my inflicting my DVDs on everyone possible). However, this article (includes spoilers, including the pic at the top, so don’t click if you’re staying spoilerfree, just go read dorrie6’s excerpt) contains the line "I went in knowing nothing and was hooked almost immediately."

From another article about the Edinburgh festival:
THE big screen debut of Joss Whedon, the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival yesterday, with hundreds of fans descending on the Scottish capital for one of the most eagerly anticipated movies of the year.
The stars included Nathan Fillion, whose leading role as a disillusioned spaceship captain has had fans putting his performance on a par with Harrison Ford's in Star Wars. "What I do is not so much an homage to Harrison Ford, as copy him," he said.
"To be premiering here is exactly where I want to be," Whedon said. "Not just because I love it here, but because we do have fans who wouldn't expect to be the first people to see this. There's a lot of people in LA going, 'What?'"
dead from book


Okay, the dark AU Firefly fic is in significantly-changed draft #3 I think. Sent a copy to Justine. Anyone else interested in reading what will be the final version before posting? (And should I wait on you, pogrebin?) I think it will get posted September 1 after all.

After that of course I have new crack to work on. And I have LJ entries I started nearly a week ago. And the thought of doing *anything* makes me so tired at the moment, which is frustrating

wisdomeagle wrote me crackfic that I need to reread and that people other than me should read as well.

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