August 30th, 2005


"tropical humidity," eh?

Not tropical temps, though. Which is a blessing. Though low 80s and humid is still rather oppressive. And my hair was kinda gross, which I was unhappy about. Yeah, I know, New Orleans and all and I’m griping about my hair.

[And my dad says the humidity’s supposed to last through Thursday. Blech.]

I saw TBQ’s post on Sunday and was inclined to vibe with her on the whole, “You build in an area like that, and shit happens.” That night, cousin Steve e-mailed being all “New Orleans is gonna end up flooded beyond repair and they’ll have to demolish everything and start over; tomorrow will be an historic day.” To which I was like, “Um, okay, whatever” ‘cause it’s cousin Steve. So today I was like Yeah, TBQ (on the news coverage -- of which I have of course seen none ‘cause I’m me).

Best thing I read today was possibly the following:
Wordsworth was a sentimental ponce, come down to it. He much preferred Coleridge. Or Eliot. Or really, Radiohead.
-Wesley in "The Truth Is" by Jennifer-Oksana
My brother had his first day of college classes today and my mom called him tonight (he was supposed to call this-weekend-that-just-happened) but he was in a computer lounge so he was kinda monosyllabic (as he frequently is with us anyway) so my mom said, “So basically, not much has changed; it’s just that you’re in Troy now.” I cracked up.

Finally touched base with le Cat, which was wonderful, and have been talking to some other people. Much gladness, as I miss people. And once Smith starts up for real I get to start poking people about conjugal mutual visits.

My staffing firm sent me 3 chocolate chocolate chip cookies plus a Ben&Jerry gift certificate.

In looking for a particular exchange I was reminded of how much I *love* Lilo and Stitch.

Okay, I probably knew that ID4 had Brent Spiner (Data - TNG) but dude, it also has Adam Baldwin (Jayne - Firefly). Clearly I need to rewatch this movie.

I enjoyed Cinema Blend’s Fall Movie Preview for the most part, though I’m less than thrilled with the bit about Serenity though it gives it an anticipation level of 4/5. (Includes one of the promo images that’s everywhere, so if you want the blurb&comments without viewing the site I’ll c&p.)

I wrote approx. 700 words of darkfic at work -- which seems pathetically little considering I had *nothing* to do at work all day. Want to rewatch a particular Angel S4 arc but 2 MLN libraries own it and both are out (and the system is overloaded with AV requests, so there’s a moratorium on them currently). Le sigh. Will abuse btvsangel_canon instead. Which, admittedly, is more time-effective. Though I did rather want to be able to immerse myself in the arc rather than trying to pick out which canon details I’m gonna need. [Though actually the canon questions I have currently are from a slightly later arc.]

Amusingly, one of the subject categories for the DVD [in the MLN catalog] is "Vampires -- California -- Los Angeles -- Drama." And it’s only for that one season of Angel. Clicking on the link gives me a page of the following subject categories.
  • Vampires Africa East [1]
  • Vampires Alaska Comic Books Strips Etc [2]
  • Vampires California Fiction [1]
  • Vampires California Los Angeles Drama [1]
  • Vampires California Los Angeles Fiction [2]
  • Vampires California Los Angeles Juvenile Fiction [1]
  • Vampires California Northern Fiction [1]
  • Vampires California San Francisco Fiction [1]
  • Vampires Case Studies [2]
  • Vampires Comic Books Strips Etc [20]
  • Vampires Comic Books Strips Etc Fiction [2]
  • Vampires Computer Games [1]

The number of books MLN does *not* have is making me sad recently.