September 3rd, 2005

hermione by oatmilk

oh me and my honesty issues

X signs on as Y and has a conversation with Z -- reading the whole thing aloud to Y, who is sitting right next to X. The conversation is mostly silly fluff, and no private personal information is revealed. X, who is friends with both Y and Z, admits the game after a conversation of maybe an hour.

Poll #563704 identity theft

This above described event is:

hermione by oatmilk

roundup for the day

I have consistency/honesty issues, the depth of which I sometimes don’t realize. The poll was both because I was curious and because I wanted affirmation. My guess was that the description would read as “fine,” so I was actually surprised to see anyone check “unacceptable.” Though at the same time I was surprised to see some of who checked “fine.”

          So yeah, PSA: Don’t ever IM me as anyone other than yourself. Ever.

And dude, no one was surprised I’m not a liberal? Though so far most poll participants aren’t newcomers, which helps to explain it.

My parents watched Firefly episodes “War Stories” through “The Message” today. I’m not sure I ever noticed before how strong Wash looks during those final fight scenes in “War Stories.” [Being busy and having seen all the episodes so many times, I don’t watch with my parents but I do stop in frequently.] They’ve been watching in DVD order and “The Message” was the first episode my dad hadn’t seen before; he thought it was a really good episode, which I thought was interesting, as it’s generally considered one of the weaker ones.

I have decided that the fic I’m currently working on is not so much crackfic as potfic -- it’s gatewayfic.

musesfool talks about about how meta is talking-about-talking-about and *not* source text discussion.

TBQ talks about preparation etc. for Katrina/New Orleans and wonders why the powers-that-be didn’t learn from previous years (specifically Georges).

Other: maps of Katrina’s path and maps of New Orleans.