September 6th, 2005


"tangled up in blue..."

So everyone’s back at Smith now, right? Though almost everyone I care about had already returned -- or wouldn't be returning this year (e.g. Liz-in-Germany, Class of '05, etc.). (Come to think of it, anyone know if Lez is back this semester?)

I miss Smith people. And they miss me, which is something I’m still getting used to.

Late-night AIM conversations are bad ‘cause I have to get up at 6:20am. (Yeah, beat that, bitches.) I think I might actually crash tonight, which will hopefully get my body back into a normal sleep cycle. The problem is that I like the people whom I actually like, and realtime conversation is nice, so unless I’m seriously tired I’m probably not gonna cut latenight IMs short.

Paige mentioned my big crossover fic and damn, the dark and the allusion-making!River... I hadn’t realized how similar this is to the darkfic I just wrote -- probably ‘cause I wrote the crossover back in March.

We talked about Sessions (duh, I hadn’t realized the first and final released sessions were halves of the same session). I need to watch them in numbered order now instead of release order. And I’d forgotten what it would be like to watch them not knowing the canon, to not know the extent of what they do to her.

wisdomeagle wrote Dawn/Tara and reading the comments has been funny ‘cause so many are surpriseish and (a) Dawn and Tara are the biggest sluts on my recs page (with Lilah possibly tying -- oh, it occurs to me that I should figure out a way to include poly and crossover stories on the character pages) and I primarily femslash both of them (though my Tara -- and Dawn -- is BI!), (b) I read Dawn/Tara as practically canon at least in so far as Dawn has a crush on Tara and they have a very close, tender relationship, (c) I will never forgive Willow for S6, so breaking up Willow/Tara is totally not a problem for me, because after probably “Tabula Rasa” I thought Tara was too good for Willow and actively did not want them together (unless Willow reformed, which she didn’t, and now I don’t want them together period). I’m actually trying really hard not to character assassinate Willow in the fic I’m currently working on, particularly because I recently read Teach Me to Hear the Mermaids Singing and felt like the author too easily turned Anya into a nasty character to get her out of the way of the romantic pairing the author wanted.

My parents finished watching Firefly on Monday. I came in for bits and pieces of “Heart of Gold” and sat the whole of “Objects in Space” and then we watched the special features, most of which I hadn’t myself seen before.

My dad asked if the deleted scenes were considered canon. *hearts my geek family*

Joss said that knowing you could be canceled at any moment is good -- not good for your digestion or good for your marriage, but it forces you to focus on the stories you most wanna tell. He called the show a “jewel” and I wondered, If not for that pressure, would we have had the intensely brilliant show we had? Would the quality have been as solid as it was?

Dude, Angie Hart [whose song “Blue” opened the BtVS ep “Conversations With Dead People”] played one of the religious whores in “Heart of Gold.” The blonde one who sings at the end.

And speaking of the end: Collapse )

I’ve mostly just been coming in and out while my parents watched my DVDs, but this time ‘round I noticed even more than I had when I marathoned with Rachel and Jonah that I actually like Jayne. For the longest time he was the one character that I really had no love for. Sure he provided comic relief, but he was brainless and brutish and yeah, ways to totally not win me at all. But I liked Jayne full-stop this time. I think because I read him as human, and seeing him as complex and vulnerable and all that makes me actually like him. Oh, and after having seen The Dive from Clausen’s Pier I am far more susceptible to the hotness of Sean Maher (to whom I had been previously indifferent).

Okay, that picture I was wondering about? Gotta be the same artist who did the Australian Serenity poster.


mosca on the icon pairing meme:
      2. Ani Difranco/Anya
      Not only could it happen, but there are several albums that it might explain.

Beautiful icons with Leonard Cohen lyrics.

Ann Althouse quotes a NYT article on the winner of China’s version of American Idol ("Super Girl"):
[Li Yuchun], 21, is almost the antithesis of the assembly-line beauties regularly offered up on the government's China Central Television, or CCTV. Tall and gangly, with a thatch of frizzy hair, the adjectives most used to describe her in the media were "boyish" or "androgynous." Some commentators speculated that her fan base consisted of young girls who considered her to be their "boyfriend" because of her appearance.
The first commenter says, "a butch woman is seen as a romantic interest by enough young girls that that was the reason she won a popularity contest? Assuming the commentators weren't total idiots (though they probably are), it would suggest China won't have an overpopulation problem in a generation or so."

Ann replies: "Maybe androgyny is becoming popular because young men are trying to find a way to have sexual relationships. Li really is a woman but she looks boyish. That may help a young heterosexual man find a way to see other men as suitable sexual partners."

So, um doyle_sb4 linked to a thread called "Things You've Learned About Your Fandom Thanks to Badfic" and I got sucked in. It’s almost entirely about anime, which meant I could skip over most of it, which was probably a blessing.

Snippets I particularly enjoyed:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:
* There was no book. There was no original movie. There is only Johnny Depp.
(posted by Baelish)

ST Voyager:
B'Elanna would love to wear lacy dresses. Tom would, too.
Harry thinks about wearing lacy dresses, but is too scared to try one on.
Tuvok exists whenever he's in Ponn Farr and needs to bonk immediately or die, which happens about every few weeks dues to a recurring spatial anomaly.
(posted by Dama47)

2. Just because you're selling newspapers in 1899 New York doesn't mean you can't be an American high-schooler a hundred or more years later.
(posted by Cecilia86)

So, Supreme Court Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist died on Saturday and Bush quickly nominated John Roberts as his replacement. This is the same Roberts who’s been up for Sandra Day O’Connor’s spot, so I’m confused by people who are all, “Who is this guy and where can I find info on him?” (From a Yahoo article: "For the past two months members of the United States Senate and the American people have learned about the career and character of Judge Roberts," Bush said. "They like what they see." Whether you agree with Bush’s assessment or not, the media has in fact been discussing Roberts for quite some time now.)

Ann Althouse on why New Orleans is under sea level to begin with

commodorified talks about how relief organizations work and how to make your donation most effective, and damned_colonial talks more about specifying where your donation goes.

versailles_rose has a list of some NOLA landmarks and how they fared, via the Associated Press. And a couple days later: "Katrina doesn't cancel Southern Decadence parade"

OkCupid told me:
     You are a Social Liberal (75% permissive)
      and an... Economic Liberal (36% permissive)
     You are best described as a: Democrat
      You exhibit a very well-developed sense of Right and Wrong and believe in economic fairness.