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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Saturday, September 17th, 2005

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fandom practice question
Layna wants to know from whence comes the practice of adjective!noun. I know it's a fandom thing but I have no idea from whence it originated. My guess it's an importation from computer geekness, but I really don't know. Anyone?
My dad has now seen both cast versions of the NHS Beauty and the Beast and I'm kinda sad that I saw the cast I did 'cause my dad said the Belle we saw played it very young and naive whereas tonight's Belle played it far more world-weary, which I suspect I would have preferred.  But tonight was her final performance.  So it goes.

I read one of wisdomeagle's Fred/Tara pieces tonight and was reminded of another Fred/Tara I had read that I thought was by her but wasn't (and may not be that pairing, but I'm fairly certain it is).  And now I wanna find said fic.  It's two Whedonverse women back when they were teenagers, and I'm fairly certain it's summer and they meet (something of a summer teen romance thing) and my predominant memory is of them spending time under a pier . . . and this is so helpful, no?  And doyle_sb4's site is down so I can't poke the recs page there.  Le sigh. Doyle's recs page lacks Fred/Tara, which is woe. And I definitively can't find the story I'm thinking of in her recs. (And yes I did check to see if she had written the story, but I can't find it in her fic memories either.)

Also: The newest reason I need to stop reading fanfic and focus on writing my own is that I find myself wanting to write sequels to other people's stuff and hello, I have enough on my plate already.

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