September 18th, 2005

big girl world

"standing just outside the circle of light"

I'm seriously considering purchasing this, though the fact that I wear US size 8½W always makes me wary of purchasing shoes without trying them on first.  And of course I'm going to check out Downtown Crossing (Payless & DSW) first.

wisdomeagle does daily glee ("Joy Sadhana" as explained in mylittleredgirl's UserInfo) and I approve of the idea but it doesn't mesh with the way I structure my LJ/life [which I typoed as "fire." huh.] so I don't do it.  But today I felt very accomplished and proud of myself, so in order of appearance, here are today's "things I did well today:"

1) I woke up & got up before 9am.
2) I got my hair cut. Edit: And it took until my mother read this LJ entry for either of my parents to notice. My mother said, "When I look at you, I see the 'inner you,' " so I offer that up to any of you who may need an excuse as to why you didn't notice some physical change in someone close to you. /edit
And unlike two people I know, I did not have a bad experience at SuperCuts at all.  Though I still prefer Bucci.  But given that I am no longer at Smith, Bucci is no longer an option.
3) I went shopping.
I now have cream-colored work-appropriate pants that fit well.  Which is more of a glee than an accomplishment, as I have no control over what TJMaxx stocks.  Liz Claiborne, marked down 40% to $17.
4) I caught up on a week's worth of NYT eHeadlines.
5) I checked out the joblistings at MIT and Northeastern.  And applied for positions.  I also trawled craigslist and sent out apps there as well.  (Oh how I haven't missed writing cover letters.)

I am considering setting a goal for myself of writing 500 words of fic/day, especially since I'm not working this week.