September 20th, 2005

restless [moobytooby]

"trying to evolve..."

The Dive from Clausen’s Pier icons I talked about? Totally made them. Am quite pleased with some and less pleased with others, and really enjoying playing with PhotoShop effects. I don’t expect anyone to care, but comments of any sort are duh appreciated. Collapse )

Joy Sadhana

1) wisdomeagle found the lush imagery God/Lucifer fic I had been kicking myself for not bookmarking.
2) liminalliz. She posted the Dive from Clausen’s Pier caps in seanmaher and so I went over to her journal to see her commentary on the movie itself and damn, she is full of teh pretty and teh funny. Witness [for example]: Legend and The Dive from Clausen’s Pier.
3) Layna! I went to HBS and had free lemonade and cookies and then met Layna at Harvard Square and we had dinner at Veggie Planet. I had the Blonde on Blonde with spinach on brown rice, which was yummy and sooo filling. And the big mug of hot chocolate was so yummy and worth the money; I was reminded of the last really amazing hot chocolate I had -- at Diesel in Davis Square.

Things I did well today:
[Being held accountable for my day seriously ups the likelihood of my actually being productive, so for (week)days in which I am not working-for-pay I may make this Joy Sadhana thing a habit.]
1) I got up at a decent hour.
2) I remembered to put in my earrings so the holes won’t close up.
3) I learned new things about PhotoShop effects.
4) I purchased my bus ticket for my trip to Northampton.
5) I called my grandma because my mom was working late.
6) I finally betaed Phaedra’s latest “The Pillow Book of Inara Serra” installment.

Things I am looking forward to doing (better) tomorrow:
1) Getting up at a decent hour again.
2) More job-hunting/applying, including finishing filling out my information at
3) Fic-writing.
anime night


Grey morning made it hard to get up (though I got a great phone call ;) ) but then I thought I heard thunder and that made me happy, but it turned out to just be garbage trucks, but it really is raining now, so: happy :)

Edit: Continuing to play with PhotoShop effects + listening to Ani = irresistible

Image hosted by

This totally wins over "the cradle is soft and warm" for my favorite from this endeavour.

Not the most productive day I have ever had, but I am okay with that.

I did jobhunting&applying, though I didn't get any fic written.  [Have a slew of unfinished pieces but can't seem to get into any of them.  Grr.]  Am apparently starting my next HBS temp gig this Friday instead of next Monday.  I wonder if that means they're doing scheduled overlap.

Today's best job listing is this one.  "I am looking for a personal assistant to assist me with my work load. Hours are 7am-3:30pm Monday-Friday. [snip] You would be working for a very high scale company located on the North Shore."  So at this point I'm thinking, "This would be great.  I could get an apartment in the North Shore area and do Palmer after work," and then I hit the next sentence: "So I would require a neat appearance from you. ie, business suits,pantyhose, and high heels are a must."  . . .

"Researchers point out that cursing is often an amalgam of raw, spontaneous feeling and targeted, gimlet-eyed cunning."  I had to that 'cause I saw "gimlet" and thought, "Martini with lime."
Other investigators have examined the physiology of cursing, how our senses and reflexes react to the sound or sight of an obscene word. They have determined that hearing a curse elicits a literal rise out of people. When electrodermal wires are placed on people's arms and fingertips to study their skin conductance patterns and the subjects then hear a few obscenities spoken clearly and firmly, participants show signs of instant arousal.

Their skin conductance patterns spike, the hairs on their arms rise, their pulse quickens, and their breathing becomes shallow.

Interestingly, said Kate Burridge, a professor of linguistics at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, a similar reaction occurs among university students and others who pride themselves on being educated when they listen to bad grammar or slang expressions that they regard as irritating, illiterate or déclassé.

"People can feel very passionate about language," she said, "as though it were a cherished artifact that must be protected at all cost against the depravities of barbarians and lexical aliens."

You know that Twenty Random Facts About Me meme?  People have started doing it for fictional characters and penknife did Twenty Random Facts about Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.  As if any of us needed reminding that she is amazing.

This is the most self-indulgent project I have done to date, but I am at peace with that.

In going through stuff I've been meaning to post/deal with but haven't yet:

lierdumoa made a vid using the movie Gia and the Dresden Dolls song "Girl Anachronism."  Am reminded how gorgeous Gia is.  The movie is so depressing also, though, that I don't think I could bring myself to rewatch it.  And wow, if I have to hear that Dresden Dolls song ever again I think I will break something.  (That kind of discordantness doesn't work well for me.)

Yeah Coolidge Corner.  (Also: way to go having cracked out sex movies that I would totally go see were it more convenient for me.  Damn Boston and its early cessation of public transit.  See also my lack of living in the city.)

*love this crew picture* [Serenity, no spoilers]

HP pr0n etc. icons that don't use the movie actors.  ♥
angry - books


So, um, my computer freaked out and after multiple restarts I finally got it to function again and now it won't connect to the Internet. Will have to call brudder if this continues mañana. But for now I suppose I'll just return to my ficwriting. Yeah that's right. I was all "No ficwriting happening for me today" and then wham, I wrote like 700 words. *wins*