September 21st, 2005

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My brother helped me fix my Internet.

So there will be a real update tonight; but right now, I wanna stab this article.  [Has a somewhat vague spoiler for River's role in Serenity.]

"Despite political correctness, most of us continue to harbor a visceral preference for brawny male cops or firefighters to come to our rescue in emergencies."

This is after talking about various failed superheroine type movies.  From what I hear, Catwoman and Elektra failed because they were shite written movies, not 'cause people didn't wanna see badass women. [Honestly, I still kinda wanna see both of them for the pretty.]  Angelina Jolie?  I am totally planning on seeing the Tomb Raider movies plus Mr. and Mrs. Smith for her hotness alone.  And didn't Kill Bill do really well?  (See also the X-Men franchise.  And Xena.  And Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.  And The Matrix.  And why doesn't Gina Torres get a mention in this article, incidentally?)  Maybe the problem is not that nobody wants to watch hot women kick some ass but rather that no one knows how to write it well.

"In the past, Hollywood's hyperfeminine sex symbols never tried to match men in terms of physical strength, but their classic roles still showed them holding their own in the battle of the sexes by deploying traditional female advantages of smarts, sex appeal, emotional resilience and intuitive understanding. [...] The public doesn't yearn for stylish chicks to replicate the sweaty brutality of male action stars, but prefers watching characters who display the distinctively feminine strengths associated with the natural superiority of women."

Leaving aside the issue of the stupid idea of the "natural superiority of women," why can't women be clever and physically skilled.  The articles on the usage of wit-as-weapon in BtVS come to mind.  As does Illyria (on Angel).  Plus, ya know, all the women alluded to in my above parenthetical.

I just . . . "I wish to do violence."
small girl in big world [_extraflamey_]

I am unimpressed by the USPS today.

"Your [order] was shipped [..] via USPS Bound Printed Matter. Your package should arrive in 7-14 business days."

Except this was 20 days. Am not optimistic about getting the second half of the order (which was shipped 11 days after this one, and should by rights arrive any day now) any time soon. Blah.

I heart the USPS, really, but Media Mail is so unpredictable. Sometimes it comes as fast as First Class, and other times . . . .

(Also: My WordPerfect hates me today.)
you think you know...

"pretty as a picture, they pound down your door..."

Gee, nothin' gets up in the morning like two lawnmowers right level with your window.

I wrote ~1800 words last night.  Of two different stories.  Both involving Tara.  ♥  And posting some questions to btvsangel_canon I got the following as a comment: "Not Sure What You're Asking For, Or The Correct Answer, But It Sounds Like You're Writing Something Interesting. Can I have A Link To It When It's Done?"  *glees*  [And wow, I hadn't realized quite how many Tara fics I've written.]

Random factoid I learned: Sean Maher was on a Season 1 CSI: Miami episode (1.21) and had a recurrent role in Season 6 Party of FiveWhy is only Season 1 of Party of Five out on DVD?

Also: athene can say "would you like fries with that" in an ancient dead language.

My mom made sock puppets for her pseudo-nephew Murphy's birthday.  Steve Two and Super Steve.  So I've been quoting "The Prom."  The accompanying note is a thing of comic beauty, boss; excerpt: "I'm sort of sad to see them go ... I think my family is relieved. // And yet, nothing brings a smile to the face like having a conversation with a sock.  Okay, so usually they are laughing AT me, but it's still laughter!"

I read my mom b_cavis' The 10 Commandments of Fanfiction (edited slightly, for the mild HP6:HBP 'ship spoiler, for one) and she enjoyed muchly.  (And the word "squee" made me think of you every time.)

Remember that 10 Interests Meme that required you actually count off?  Well some clever/kind soul turned into a programmy whosie so you just plug in your username and it does the work for you.  Mine: Collapse )

sexonastick gave me an explanation of why everyone insists that Tom Cruise is omgsogay that actually made sense to me.

An agency found my resume via monster.  Color me unexcited about going in for an interview tomorrow (two months made me le jaded) but I never got around to shoeshopping yesterday, and they're conveniently located right near South Station so I don't even have to trek anywhere.  Another agency called later, and I'm actually psyched about them 'cause they place a lot of editorial assistants, which would be way funner than basic admin.  So I have a morning appointment with them up in Faneuil Hall.  And then I have a 4pm actual job interview out near the Children's Museum.

Also: Today is [was] Wednesday?  When did that happen?

Apparently I missed Green Street rioting in the Quad and not succeeding in getting today called Mountain Day.  Oh, Smith.

The file that I dump stuff I'm not ready to post into LJ yet has decided it's corrupt or something and that it contains no data, and I just realized that it has [had] my Serenity writeup, complete with reactions to various other people's reactions, article excerpts, etc.  I think that's the only major thing I lost, but . . . grr.

This story gives the best explanation I have seen of how James Potter changes from the adolescent we see to the adult we hear about (a disjunction which frustrates me muchly in canon).

I finished reading The Pillow Book. Somebody wants to write me fic slashing her and the Empress, right?  *looks at gishmi1ish*

(Oh, and lilithchilde"In Principio" is definitely recommended.)

IM from my brother in conversation: u realize you just capitalized an IM but misused "write"