September 22nd, 2005

big damn heroes

"more'n seventy little earth's spinning about the galaxy, and the meek have inherited not a one"

So, I saw this via whedonesque this morning and read "According to a blog at KnoxNews, the online version of the Knoxville News Sentinel, InstaPundit’s Glenn Reynolds has 150 tickets to an advance screening of the film available for local bloggers." and thought, "I didn't know Glenn Reynolds was a Firefly fan." I checked his blog but didn't see anything about it. Then I came home from my full day and my dad had sent me an e-mail [this link has fairly non-spoilery images from the film] and DUDE [this link is nonspoilery save a small version of the US promo poster]. Advance Screenings that you get free tickets to provided you blog a review of the film. (Refreshing the flist now, I see the links have hit fireflyfans, and whedonesque.) There's a Boston one, which tempts me mightily. Though I've seen it already and I don't think anyone who reads this journal (can I even count this a blog?) has escaped my mad pimping of the show.
big girl world

This is the actual update.

So, today was Mountain Day at Smith.  And I spent the day in Boston being a grownup.  (Even all suited-up, for the first time in a while.)

I got myself turned around and ended up at Government Center rather than Faneuil Hall, evidence of how out of practice I am at all this.  The day got better, though.

Met with ExcitingSoundingAgency first.  And by the end of the day I had a phone interview with a biotech pharmaceutical company scheduled.

Since I really don't have enough professional type shirts, I hit up Ann Taylor Loft and actually found knit shirts I liked that fit and were reasonably priced.  (So I now have the same shirt in 3 colors, for a total of only $50.  It freaks me out that the petite and non-petite versions get the exact same picture on the website just with different colors.) Edit: And I forgot to mention that they gave me a classy white bag rather than the gross pink one I got (and threw away -- to Fefe's dismay) last time I went. /edit

Proceeding back to Downtown Crossing I hit Express next but didn't like any of the blouses enough to buy them.  My shoes have begun to literally fall apart, so Payless was next, though I ceased being optimistic about shoeshopping some seasons ago.  Predictions [brand name] totally wins at shoes this season, though.  So many hot boots.  Most of which I have nowhere to wear, and some of which are too stilleto for me to walk in, but hot [non-leather!] shoes that fit me?  I was deeply delighted (and thought of you -- especially when I seriously considered purchasing the femmeZoe boots, though first when I saw the faux suede boots).  Of course I remain hella picky, but I did get a pair of nice solid ankle boots (though the toes go out rather freakishly far -- a trend in women's shoes that I have never understood) which also turned out to be one of the cheaper options, which was nice.

At this point I quit the shopping and got lunch at the Greek place at the Downtown Crossing Food Court -- which, admittedly, is not the best choice when one is dressed nicely for interviews.

On my way to LessExcitingSoundingAgency, I was walking behind a large black woman who was all dolled up like out of another era.  I learned that it's Employee Week at Citizens Bank and apparently that means they dress up and she was going as My Fair Lady.  She had a long black short-sleeve dress with white nurse's slippers.  A black&white boa with silvery bits in it, and a similar boa around her black bowler-esque hat.  She had white gloves up to her elbows and a big silver sparkly ring on her left pinky finger, which hand held a small white lacy parasol.  Her other hand held what looked rather like a freakishly long eyebrow pencil, a sort of greyish purple color.  I was impressed.

I walked into LessExcitingSoundingAgency and was surprised to see the reception desk already decorated for Halloween (orange&black streamers and orange balloons) but hey, free chocolate.  Recruiter person was per usual.  Pushed the "We network . . . do you know anyone who's looking for a job, or a company that has openings?" a bit more than I would have liked, but I did get a free tips-for-interviewing pamphlet.  Also: their computerized skills testing is weird.

Rounded out the day with an actual job interview at an architectural design company.  They're in this old building near the Children's Museum which reminded me of a museum I went to in England that used to be an industrial warehouse or something.  (I wanna say it was the Modern Art Museum in Oxford, but I'm not sure.)  I was the first of about a dozen candidates she's gonna be interviewing, and I'm undecided as to whether that's good or bad.  Am trying not to obsess over how I could have interviewed better.  She's gonna bring in the top 4 or 5 candidates to meet with the heads of the company in a couple weeks and will let me know regardless.

Tomorrow I start back at HBS, working in the building next door to where I was before.  I've been guessing that I'm covering for someone who's going on vacation (the original gig was next week Mon.-Fri.) so we shall see whether this is an actual scheduled overlap day or what.
hermione by oatmilk


Thank you, rhipowered.

CSI Season 6 premiere tonight.  (1 hour, 9pm Eastern Time.)

(I've watched sporadically since it began, and I saw the Tarantino finale last season, so now that I'm home I've decided to try out actually watching the show regularly.)
books and heart

(Because with T-minus-eight[nearly seven now]-days I really need a new fandom)

ARRIII!!!!  Why did you not tell me about Grissom/Sara?  You and your FatherFigureKinkOfAngstyHotness (tm meyerlemon).  rhipowered's talk about Grissom/Sara pretty much sold me on the pairing in theory anyway, and since I've decided to start watching regularly despite not having all the canon I suppose I really should get over my issues with the fact that I haven't seen most of the canon.  And 4 seasons are out on DVD!  And of course MLN has all of them.  Though the moratorium on AV requests hasn't been lifted yet, which makes me procuring them a biotch. Though there is Cambridge.  Plus, of course, when do I have time?  Somehow I doubt this is going to stop me.

rhipowered: Dude, you ship Giles with people.  You'll understand the Grissom/Sara thang.
rhipowered: Seriously, he's kinda like that.
rhipowered: I think he is, at least.  I don't know a ton of Buffyverse.  Grissom's a bit more withdrawn and Angst With Asperger's.
rhipowered: Grissom and Sara met a while ago.
rhipowered: Like, before the show started.
rhipowered: He taught a lecture that she attended.

Do I need to say more?  Ari, why are you not watching this show and pimping fic to me?

Also: thanks to rhipowered: The MentorSex song (her phrasing; is "Hands Clean" by Alanis Morissette)