September 26th, 2005

dance of joy [kibarika]

definitively not dead

Managed to actually forget my wallet this morning (which I always worry I'm gonna do, but which I never actually do -- except, apparently, today).  Mommy spotted me money, though, so it was okay.  And really that was the low point of the day.

V!A e-mailed RMK on Friday saying, "Before leaving today, Elizabeth asked if she could leave next Friday, Sept. 30 at 4:30 p.m. to make a public transportation connection for a weekend trip.  She said she would shorten her lunch to make up the time."  I saw RMK's reply this morning: "YES, OF COURSE"  [Admittedly she was replying to an assortment of stuff in caps to make it stand out from the paragraphs of stuff to which she was replying, but the statement is much appreciated regardless.]  This relieved me tremendously.  And gave me considerably more faith that I would actually make it through this week.

Dunno if it was just because RMK was out of the office all day or what, but while Friday seemed nonstop, today felt positively slow.  I'm still somewhat anxious about tomorrow, but I think I'll be okay.  And I'm trying not to stress myself out about how I could have done this afternoon's phone interview better.

And on the way home it started raining (lightly) and I was happy.

And I caught the end of "Sideshow Bob Roberts" (scroll here) ♥

Oh, and I may end up having to read Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys after all.  Trickster narratives are not my cuppa, so I was all prepared to give this particular one a pass, but then musesfool wrote: "what I really, really liked about this book is that it's about stories, and how they get told, and what they mean, and how they can change your life."
moon house

"my life is for rent" (even though that song really doesn't fit)

Talking to Emma = yay

Cinemark's Opening Night Serenity showtimes = wtfbbq  (You know you wanna e-mail them.) So, I e-mailed Cinemark and then later I refreshed my mail and lo, there is now a 9:55 Friday showing. Which is as it should be.

Edit the second: Refreshing my e-mail again gets me a response from Cinemark Hadley: "There is a 9:55 showing of Serenity on Friday and the major geek fan base was right on top of it. The show has already been sold out with the majority of the tickets going to the crowd at Phoenix Games. You were absolutely right; that was the most popular show time. Unfortunately there are now no tickets left for it. Thank you for your interest!" /edit

And dude, Fall Break is the weekend immediately following Serenity opening weekend?  (This is notable because it means my Smith people visits will be back-to-back weekends.)

MLN has restored audiobook ILL requests.  Which I validate as a higher priority than DVD/VHS, but it's not my priority, so I still have poutage.