September 28th, 2005


Happy HumpDay.

Work was so slow today.  Which is extra weird since Fri.-Tues. were so crazy.  [4:15 she drops off a list of stuff to try to schedule.  Yeah, most of that is getting taken care of tomorrow morning.  Wrote ~1700 words of fic.  And got yet another cracked-out plot bunny.

Reminder: New CSI tomorrow night (9pm Eastern Time).

I read Joan D. Vinge's Eyes of Amber and other stories.  I think the stories get better as they go along through the collection.  Love "Tin Soldier."
     " 'Though inland far we be, our souls have sight of that immortal sea which brought us hither.' " Her hand stretched above him, to catch the sky.
     "Wordsworth. That's the only thing by him I ever liked."
Unsuccessfully planned lunch with Linda & Tretha.  Trying again for tomorrow.

Sunrise/Sunset is from approx. 6:30-6:30.  I learned that Business Traveler option gives you handy junk like that -- plus a "Daylight remaining" count.  (Noho has 7 more minutes of daylight than N'wood?)

Forgot to mention that I met RMK's RA yesterday.  The trend seems to be that all the HBS RAs are Dan Saltzberg knockoffs.  Which I am quite okay with.

My Smith-mail gets deleted on Friday, so I finally got around to clearing out.  Mostly I just ignored stuff and figured if I hadn't missed it I wasn't gonna.  But I did go through my grad school correspondence to print out stuff I wanna keep if I decide I wanna pursue that again (plus I got such wonderful e-mails from the UPenn profs that it's just ego-boosting).  Also went through my old Diane e-mails.  Had forgotten she had gotten into BtVS by the end.  Have been meaning to e-mail her for a while.  Reading the e-mails reminded me of what wonderful people I had right from the get-go at college.  I've drifted from some of the people who were such key support then, but to think back on the wonderful people who were a part of my life each year . . . wow.

And did I mention when I briefly checked my yahoo mail during work -- on Monday I think it was -- I saw a Serenity ad :)

Allie says:
Right, so as it turns out, the 9:55 show tomorrow [by "tomorrow" I assume she means Friday] isn't exactly sold out.  Phoenix Games bought up a lot of the tickets, true . . . but you can get them from *them.*  I'm not sure if there's extra cost for the privilege of going to the "geek showing," but anyway, they have lots left.  All you'd have to do is call them (and make sure that they understand you want to reserve tickets to pick up at the theatre, rather than driving out to them; apparently they get confused).
However, going to the Big E Friday had already been put up as an option for us Lamont crowd, and I'm rather fond of the idea, so we (all 12 of us) are going to the Saturday 4:10.

(Oh, and today I got my Fandango "showtimes are now available for your zip code" e-mail.)

From the official board: Joss on Opening Weekend:
Well boys and girls and boys dressed as girls and girls dressed as Kaylee, the time is almost upon us. This Friday we take that old rust-bucket out of the shipyard and see if she can breach atmo. It's been a long (to paraphrase a band I like) strange trip, and it'll be nice finally to show everybody what it is we've been tinkering with all this time. You already know you have my thanks, from the hardcore fans to the softcore... fans.... let me try that again. From the people manning the booths, buying DVD sets for their friends, getting banners seen everywhere on Australian TV, raffling artwork for ticketholders (Adam Hughes, take a bow), to the most casual fan who just wants to see the flick and won't ever even read this. You guys are the fuel in the engine, the Fire in the Fly, the weird green stuff coming out of Serenity's butt. (Hmmm. Forget that last one. I'm a little bit out of control here.)

Everyone needs something to keep them going. Mal has his ship. Zoe has her integrity. Jayne has Vera. And I've got you guys.

So what now? There have been so many posts about seeing it, seeing it again, the first weekend, the second weekend, being enthusiastic without being obnoxious (and yes, it IS hard to see over the pom-pom of a Jayne hat), buying tickets in advance, making a noise... I honestly wouldn't know what to add. I can tell you this: the movie will play in about 2200 hundred theaters, which is a good number. Too many, and you get empty theaters with no energy -- not enough, and you get, well, not enough. It may be hard to find in some areas but it'll be out there. Leave no multiplex unturned! This is going to be a ground war, peeps -- we have to hold the valley for a long while. However it opens, it needs to HOLD. Instead of the Alliance we'll be fighting viewer apathy, fear of something new, the urge to wait for DVD, and Jessica Alba in a bikini. (Although I have it on good authority that she spends 90% of the film in a huge wooly parka. Make sure that gets out.)

The day this puppy opens, I'll be seeing it with my family (don't worry, there's a lot of them, and they're all paying) and then I'm off to Europe to learn the word 'Browncoats' in nine different languages -- 'cause like I said, it's all about holding. I'll never be far from a computer, though, so I can check in with y'all. Thanks for every damn thing.

And remember, amidst all the urgency to make this an event, all the work and the worry, to take two hours and just enjoy yourself. That is, after all, what all this fighting's about.

signed teddy bears for breast cancer (including a slew of Whedony people)

Also: I now have all 3 Serenity comics.  (covering [some of?] that time between "Objects in Space" and Serenity)  Two copies, in fact.  *waves at trijinx*  Am psyched that I will in fact get to read them before Opening Weekend.  Per usual, spoil me not.