October 5th, 2005

tell me a story [lizzieb]

Yes, I know I owe you updates of substance.  Those are coming.

Firefly fic recs:
  • Copia - a wonderful look at Simon et al post-Serenity [movie spoilers like whoa]
  • Untitled - a great possible scenario for why Wash and Zoe got together [no spoilers]
Love the_cortex.

Firefly threesomes and minor characters pairing poll

A friend of mine asked me about Dark Angel Max femslash.  Why is that so hard to find?

Angelina Jolie hotness via antheia

Would it be bad if I friended scarvesnhats just for the autumn fic prompts?  'Cause I have no interest in Sirius/Remus (which is what the comm is about) but autumn=♥.

Ooh, they tagged the prompts, so I can just bookmark http://www.livejournal.com/community/scarvesnhats/tag/prompt and check it at my convenience.  Teh intarnet wins.

unfilled yuletide [rare fandom] requests

meme from the flist:

     A -- go to my fic and pick out a line or two from one of my stories.
     B -- I will respond with which story I think it's from.
     C -- points and a drabble [or ficlet of some sort] to anyone who stumps me.

Shameless trick to get people to read your fanfic, what? ;)