November 2nd, 2005


Close to Home 1.05 "Romeo and Juliet Murders"

Annie Potts guested last week, and the previous week was the "Suburban Prostitution" episode.  Clearly I should have been watching this already.  Except that I was really underwhelmed by this episode.  The characters have potential, and they grew on me as the episode went on, but there just wasn't that je ne se quoi that pulls me in to other shows.  I also didn't get pulled into the case itself though I usually do in other shows.  Maybe because the previews basically told you everything?  It was sort of weird watching knowing some of the major plot twists because I hate knowing stuff in advance but it was that plot twist that got me to watch this episode, and you have to give viewers something more than just "this is an interesting crime drama, we promise" to interest them.

Did I miss the fact that Christian Kane is on this show?  (He plays Annabeth's husband.)  We first see him in the kitchen being all suburban with his wife and their six-month-old daughter and I was all "Underneath"! (Angel 5.17)

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more fandom stuff

For a guy who says he doesn't watch much TV, Eric has a whole lotta shows he's able to talk about.  He was talking about a Medium marathon from this weekend -- which made me think of this post (which had made me crack up laughing, though it didn't make me watch Medium) -- and conversation somehow also hit Sliders and Hercules and Xena, with a mention of the fact that he watches Desperate Housewives 'cause it's funny.  I'm still trying to get him to watch Firefly, and his phone went off during lunch so of course I had to share the "Your ass is ringing" story, which got him asking about Wonderfalls.

I'm irked that it's so unclear what Zoe's last name is.  (Personally, I don't particularly like "Alleyne" as a last name for her and much prefer "Warren."  Also: umlauts or no?)

via whedonesque: Joss Whedon's letter to Angel fans.  Includes "a few of the moments herein that made my life worth living."

fanthropology asks Where is your fandom located? (i.e., LJ, YahooGroups, etc.)  A couple early comments mentioned Buffy as a mailing list fandom, which I found interesting because I got into fandom via BtVS YahooGroups discussion lists but now feel like it's all on LJ (though many LJers also have personal sites and/or character/pairing archives).

There's some really good stuff over at joss100, and velvetwhip is one of the writers whose been posting a lot of stuff and whose stuff I've been commenting on, and she recently posted an interesting Willow/Tara ficlet and in our comments she mentioned not being a Tara fan and so of course I asked her to elaborate and she's so cute -- Gosh...I hate the thought of slamming a character you love! I've come to like you through this time I've spent in joss100 and I really don't wish to in any way seem to be insulting your taste.  And later in the comment thread she said, I am so glad that you understand my POV (and I understand yours) and that we can RESPECT each other's tastes and not be snotty and intolerant! Hurrah! I knew I liked you for a reason!

club_joss wants fics, so of course I'm jumping at the opportunity to suggest non-Spike/Xander fic (though it seems whenever such a fic comes up in the comm I'm having a busy week, but hey, selfless contribution to diversity and all).  Anyone who'd be willing/interested in having their work discussed in a public comm (you can veto concrit if you'd like) is welcome to hop over and add themselves to the author queue (just comment on that admin post near the top).

I win at almost losing data while updating my site -- aided by the site itself deciding some files were unreadable.  All this when I was almost done, too.  Proving I have some regard for my sanity, I went to bed before 1am last night; I then did lots of work on it at work today 'cause I didn't have anything else to do [though I did do lots of newspaper clipping -- yeah transferable job skills -- stuff for Prof.B's RA] and finished tonight.  Every month I am astonished at how much fic I've read (and obviously I've read plenty I didn't end up reccing), even though I know most of it's short.  No wonder it takes me hours to do all the coding.  I am now out of excuses to not be fic-writing.