November 4th, 2005


Fred/Kaylee birthday fic [Firefly/Angel crossover]

In the spirit of self-indulgent birthday fic: unbetaed ficlet for the autumn baby.  (Well, one of them.  I hope Lez had a happy birthday as well.)  Crossover device stolen from the birthday girl herself.  Fic itself largely inspired by said girl's own "Autumn" fic.

[And dude, I forgot about my plan to write 500 words/day until I had written almost that many words in this.  I ended up making almost 3 days worth of quota.  I win.  I started around 3pm and had televisual commitments, hence the lateness of the fic. Apologies.]

Sits, looking, and moves on.

The leaves crackled as they turned into smoke.

Collapse )