November 5th, 2005

moon house

boring update

hedy was in town for a job fair yesterday, so I had lunch with her.

I met gishmi1ish at Harvard Square after work.  We walked around and I learned that polymexina lives in laynamarya's area.  Meg and I had dinner at Veggie Planet.  On the heels of a conversation with Meg about how I wish I were a tactless bitch but mostly I'm too non-confrontational, I met polymexina (and Maria's-friend-Maria and Tauheed) and she said something joking about not being mean and I responded with something joking about how I'd heard she was mean, and I totally thought she got offended, but she didn't, so that was good.  I actually would have liked to have gotten to talk to her longer.

Over the course of the day I wrote 1043 words in the "Made for" continuation.  That's 2+ days' worth of quota!  Rock on.

Completing the day, I came home to a SC Club newsletter.

Today I've mostly been a bum.  I woke up at 6:35am and had a minor panick.  (When I go to work I get up between 6:20 and 6:30.)  Once I remembered today was not a workday I went back to sleep for a very long time.

Okay, off to catch up on LJ now.