November 6th, 2005

moon house


Last night I attempted to piece together some of the "Made for" sections I'd written realized one transition I'd been intending didn't work, so I had to write an additional scene and turned out rather lovely.  Yay for when things work out like that.  I wrote little more than 100 words last night, but it's not like I'm NaNo-ing, so really it's about making the story happen.  And this morning I managed to work out some more of an idea of what's going to happen in the fic, which was a blessing.

Oh, paperdollgirl made a Simon/River archive (non-shippy fic that focuses on the relationship between Simon&River is also okay).
P.S. Anyone know what happened to willa_writes?
Or to missambs -- whose domain name has expired. I know she'd been lacking Internet at home, but since for a time at least she had been checking LJ I sort of expected there to have been an LJ post about it. Yes of course I could just e-mail her, but if she has other stuff to worry about I don't wanna be a pest.

Went to the Congo with my mom this morning -- first time in a while I've actually attended a church service.

They have pulpit drapes (I don't know what they're called -- those rectangular things that hang on the front of the pulpit) for Lent, Easter, Pentecost, Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany up on the walls, and the one on the pulpit says "Ordinary Time."  I thought of wisdomeagle's "joy for ordinary time" :)

Silent Meditation:
"Has Christianity become a wrapper with no contents, an excuse to gather and hear exhortations to be nice folks, good citizens, and safe drivers?
-Brian McLaren, "A Generous Orthodoxy"

The pastor said November is a dank dreary month but mentioned the Japanese maples as evidence of God's infinite creativity even in the dank.  I take issue at the implication that just because you don't like the dank, God doesn't either.

Processional Hymn was "Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty!"
The second stanza goes: "Holy, holy, holy! / All the saints adore Thee, / Casting down their golden / Crowns around the glassy sea; / Cherubim and seraphim / Falling down before Thee, / Who wert, and art, / And evermore shalt be."
But aren't crowns in Biblical language usually used to denote the Heavenly rewards for the saints?  I am confused.
[Edit: Scroll suggested Revelation 4:9-11. My mom suggested an interpretation along the lines of "even royalty would give up their crown for God."]

The Congregational Response was "Santo, Santo, Santo."  One line goes "Mi corazón te sabe decir: santo eres Dios," with the English being "My heart is glad to say the words: you are holy, God."  That seems a strange translation to me, because I read that as "My heart knows how to say the words to you: you are holy, God."  (Sidenote: props to using the familiar "you" for God.)

Unison Prayer of Confession:
Dear God, here we are again.  You recognize us: we're the same people who promised to be better people last week.  Some of us have had a good week. We have done a kind deed.  We have committed a random act of kindness.  Some of us haven't.  We've gotten angry or selfish or despondent.  But every one of us here has shared the temptation, the same human failing.  And that's the temptation to mix up who we are and who you are.  Strange thing is, when we get that straight, it seems so natural.  And when we lose it, it's so hard to find.  Dear God, forgive us.  Not for our humanness.  But for not accepting our humanness.  As well as the humanness of others.  Amen.
[emphases mine]

The Scripture reading was Matthew 25:1-13 and the Message was given as "Connectd To Community: Sharing Oil?"  I saw the title and was prepared for a rage-inducing liberal politics message.  Then I actually opened up a Bible and saw it was the 10 bridesmaids story and was prepared to get angry since the message of that parable seems to be not so much "share" as "be prepared, and look out for yourself."  The message turned out to be about waiting.  He talked about how we're always trying to fill up any empty time we have and he also talked about how early Christians believed Christ would be returning any day.  The sermon was also so long.  Not painful like PB's, but it felt very padded -- not like he was trying to take up time, but just that he would talk about stuff that admittedly did tie in but he would go on at length and I would have much preferred a tighter sermon.

The bulletin said All Saint's Sunday [isn't that improperly apostrophed?] so even though I was geared up to be angrified by the sermon, I was sad that nothing in the service actually was about community or whatever.  And I would have loved incorporation of the Silent Meditation.

Hymn: "I've Got Peace Like a River."
The soft slow works for that first stanza, but for "I've got joy like a fountain" I feel like the tempo should be faster, and then "I've got love like an ocean" can be slow but it should be deeper/louder.

Dedicating the Offering, the pastor said something about "May these gifts be evidence of our worthiness" and like hello, no.  The Offertory selection had been "Thou Art Worthy," so I can see why the word "worthy" would be in his head, but no.

The Communion plates included both leavened and unleavened bread, which made me happy because I always get frustrated that Communion should be unleavened bread since the original was Passover and yet it never is.

Recessional Hymn: "They'll Know We Are Christians"
After we finished, he had us do the chorus in E major because ending in a minor key felt wrong to him.

The "Leadership" list on the back of the bulletin begins "Ministers: All of us!" with the next line being "Pastor: Rev. John Hamilton."

[Ooh, their website has assorted sermons both written and podcast.]

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P.S. I volunteered to pinch-hit a Tara/Kaylee for femslash_minis.  Anyone wanna give it a quick beta when it's done? (Which should be within a few days.)