November 12th, 2005

tell me a story [lizzieb]

Anansi Boys (Neil Gaiman, 2005)

Trickster narratives are not my cuppa, so I was all prepared to give this particular one a pass, but then musesfool wrote: "what I really, really liked about this book is that it's about stories, and how they get told, and what they mean, and how they can change your life." Now, that’s pretty much as close as I get to a bullet-proof kink, so I had to read it.

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hermione by oatmilk

catching up

Congratulations! You, or someone who loves your work has nominated your fic Come Crash Into Me for the KateSlash and LilahSlash awards, in the Angel catagory.

Please feel free to nominate another fic by you or someone else.

Good luck!
Wow.  I wouldn't call that the best femslash I've written, but the nomination happifies me.  (As does the site in general, 'cause yay for more f/f fic.)  Now I feel like I need to nominate stuff.

Apparently Sci-Fi Friday has started airing Firefly from the beginning again ("Serenity" pilot Part 1 last night, 7pm).  Yayness.  I don't have Sci-Fi and already own the DVDs, but I endorse anything that allows/encourages more people to watch Firefly.

Random amusing Something Positive strip.


I woke up at a sane hour.
I finally went to the post office.  Saw Maggie's mom on my way out.
I also finally washed my hand-wash shirts.  (In September's Oprah my mom saw an ad for said shirts.  Which creeped me out less once I realized it was just an ad rather than an actual Oprah "Fall Into Fashion" piece.)

In other news, nobody appreciates my efforts at constructive solutions to the holiday stress problem (i.e. cancel Christmas and/or hasten my grandmother's death -- which sounds so harsh when you put it like that).  Sigh.

I keep not posting my rant about some of Without a Trace fandom's reaction to the latest addition to the cast.  I also don't have any real response to cereta's "Fandom and Male Privilege" post.  So until I get really bitchy (and/or encouraged) I'll leave it at this: I really don't need more material goods (save work clothes and shoes) but if you wanna gift me with femslash this holiday season?  Go for it.

Also passed some time tonight reading getfuzzyfeed archives -- lobsters and cell phones being particular highlights.

I still owe some thoughtful posts (and some e-mails) but I did get caught up on a chunk of them.  Am debating doing more work or going to bed.  Am going to the Congo [which always strikes me as such a weird abbreviation, though they even use it themselves in their e-mail address] in the morning if for no other reason than to hear the Dedication of the Offering and -- after comment-threading with sk8eeyore -- discuss "worthiness" with the pastor.  (Am also always interested -- though wary -- to see how a politically liberal church does something like Veteran's Day Sunday.)