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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Sunday, November 20th, 2005

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"Rest up for the 3-day work week.  Watch more football." -CBS NFL ad
Olwen is resurrecting the false memory meme.

I don't require that you post this on your own journal, though it's fun, but yeah, invent some memory about you and me, something that did not happen, and leave a comment about it here.

Seeing it on Olwen's LJ reminded me of the end of the day on Friday when Nicole asked Amanda and I if we had exciting weekend plans and we said no 'cause we're dull, and I joked that I could make something up so she could live vicariously, and she said yes please, that she had to go to a conference this weekend and so needed to live vicariously; she said that she just needed the stories, that they didn't have to be *true.*

[P.S. LJ seems to be holding some of the comments left on my journal hostage.  So in case this is a system-wide glitch, a reminder of the Recent Comments feature.  I believe it displays the most recent 10 for free users and the most recent 50 for paid users.]

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