November 23rd, 2005

small girl in big world [_extraflamey_]

La Intarnet carped out last night.

Which, admittedly, meant I got to bed fairly early. However, it was still dead this morning, which worries me a bit. I'm assuming it's weather-related, but whatever it is, I hope it gets fixed soon.

So glad I got new boots this weekend, as yesterday morning was rainy and puddly but my feet stayed warm and dry. I was considering not coming in the next day as gross weather was predicted, and I didn't expect Prof.B. to be in. However, I -- and Amanda -- have gotten roped into helping Eric with recruiting as he got an impossible deadline sprung on him yesterday. I did the entire stack of data entry and filing I got given yesterday, though; Eric and I were proud of me.

Apparently at HBS, the Tuesday of Thanksgiving week is Free Pie (and write thank you notes) day. 4-5:30, though people seem to arrive early/prompt and disperse quickly (read: go home early). I wrote a thank you note to Wayne in Media Services 'cause he made the videoconferencing so much less stressful than it could have been.

And that's about it
anime night

and the obligatory snow post

I woke up this morning to white outside, though while I was in the shower I wondered if it was just a hard frost. Went I left, though, I saw it was a real dusting of snow. And flakes were still falling as I walked to the train. Inside the city was snowless -- ground or air -- and my dad saw 3 different weather forecasts this morning, so I have no expectations for tomorrow.

I keep wearing a heavy coat and then taking it off all the time 'cause I'm warm, so today I just wore my reddish sweater. Walking from the T to HBS is so windy, but honestly, cold weather makes me happy. (As does snow.) Walking home yesterday it was misty and windy and don't forget cold and I was carrying my free pie without wearing gloves and it just made so happy.