January 1st, 2006

anime night


Woke up around 9:30 from a weird/good dream.  Was still tired, though, and hello I went to bed ~2am, so I went back to sleep and got up around noon -- and thus forgot said dream.

Went coat shopping with my brother and mother.  On our way to Burlington Coat Factory (past South Shore Plaza) the road splits and we went left when we should have gone right.  I suggested just turning around, but my brother insisted we could turn right and get back where we needed to be.  I pointed out there was a large body of water on our right, but he was having none of it.  So we kept driving and turned right at one point and we kept driving and at one point the road hits another road and you have to go 90 degrees left or right.  My brother decided on left, which made no sense to me and I said so.  We ended up thoroughly lost, busted out the atlas, and lo, I who have no sense of direction, was correct.

After Burlington, we went to South Shore to hit Banana Republic 'cause of my gift card, and I did in fact get a nice scarf.  Banana Republic is obscenely expensive, so I'm choosing to not think much about how much that scarf cost and just thinking of it as "One of my bosses gave me a scarf for Christmas," which is completely legit and it is a lovely scarf.

It was nearing on 5:30 and we headed to the Food Court to eat.  My mom and brother got food at Bourbon Street Cajun Cafe and then we got a table, sat down, and my mom gave me money and I headed over to Beantown Burrito.  They were closed.  wtf?  It turned out that the mall was closing at 6, and most of the Food Court was closing at 5:30.  Damn New Year's Eve.  (Regular mall hours are 10pm on Saturday and 7pm on Sunday.)  I ended up getting a PBJ (peanut butter, strawberries, bananas, and yogurt) at Planet Smoothie, which was actually quite yummy.

We left the mall and could see snow falling lightly.  Gee, just the other day I was thinking how all the warm weather has been lamentable but at least I could finally traverse the sidewalks again. Lovely white covering the ground when I went to bed and when I got up the next morning, though. We didn't get a White Christmas, but hey, a White New Year's is better than nothing -- though I hear it's supposed to warm up and rain tomorrow :(

I watched reruns of Cold Case and Without a Trace and then my mom looked at the TVGuide and was gonna watch Austin City Limits with Elvis Costello, so I headed out, but from my room I heard Tom Hanks doing standup, so I came out, and it turned out to be an honoring of Steve Martin, whom I have never particularly liked, but they showed The Great Flydiini from Johnny Carson and I actually thought it was really good and I ended up staying for the whole 2 hours, though a lot of the other stuff I was less a fan of.  The speakers were quite funny for the most part.  Lots of joking about money and self-deprecation and faux jabs at Steve Martin and faux gay (Oh, Dave [Letterman] & Steve's Gay Vacation).  Martin Short was very very funny, though I could have done without the digs at the Bush administration.  "To say that knowing Steve Martin has been a thrill -- would be something I just read off the TelePrompt."  "It's safe to say that Steve Martin is a genius -- not true, but safe."  Dave Barry, on doing research on the Internet: "I learned that there's a lot of pornography on the Internet.  And you should check it out."
professional me, self

Happy New Year

One clever soul made a Firefly calendar.  Yes I will be printing that out when I return to work on Tuesday.

Year in Review:
I graduated from Smith College and got a "real job."

Okay, a slightly longer list of highlights: I also wrote a seminar paper on Little Red Riding Hood and sex, got rejected from Ph.D. programs, flew to Virginia last-minute decision for Spring Break, got trained to bartend and took a massage therapy class, saw Serenity on the bigscreen at Advance Screening #2 and on Opening Weekend, was involuntarily unemployed for 2 months, went to a slew of concerts, scored a secretarial gig at Harvard Business School and went through 4 sets of professors in 3 departments in 2 buildings before finally getting close to a "permanent" position.  Year-end memes are weird because my life has been defined by academic calendars.  Any highlights I left out?

In my e-mail:
I know I suck and its been a long time since I've written, but I just saw the posting for the 2005 Strawberry Awards (http://mysite.verizon.net/vzenvl6n/bsastrawberries/id21.html) and I thought of your story about River and Simon and I wanted to nominate in the alternate romance catagory.  CSI never gets the respect it deserves and your story really speaks to the complexity of the matter.  If you don't mind could I have its full title, your nom de plum, and a link for where its posted so I can submit it.

Justine (Phaedra)
This reminded me of the year's fic production meme that's been going around, but my attempts to fill it out just were not succeeding, so I'm just doing a list of everything I posted in 2005.  (And wow, a year is a long time.  So many of these I feel like I wrote so long ago.)

    Total Fic Posted This Year: (all findable here or, if my website is acting up, here)
[Secret Slasha 2004 -- I couldn't claim it until 2005] "Desert Plants are Strange Indeed" (BtVS, Buffy/Tara, Word Count: 664)
"Turning Inward, Turning Outward" (Angel, Justine/Julia, Word Count: 694)
"I Was Made to Love You" (BtVS, Word Count: 2894)
"Sweet Fire" (Hansel and Gretel, Word Count: 200)
"Going For A Ride" (BtVS, Spike/Buffy, Word Count: 832)
"Tell Me What My Hands Were Made For" (Firefly/Angel/BtVS, River/Lilah/Dawn, Word Count: 1543)
"I Saw You Be Strong" (BtVS/Angel AU, Cordelia/Willow, Word Count: 1536)
"Uninvited Houseguest" (BtVS, Ethan/Randall, Word Count: 837)
Anne of Green Gables exits pursued by Sleeping Beauty (Word Count: 468)
"Slotted spoons don't hold much soup." (Firefly, Word Count: 123)
"Libraries Are Always Sexy" (Angel/BtVS, Fred/Giles, Word Count: 141)
"a crazy girl walks into a pub..." (HP/Firefly, Remus Lupin/River Tam, Word Count: 100)
"Somewhere That's Pink" (Little Shop of Horrors, Audrey/Shirelle [original female character], Word Count: 518)
"Greece Remembers" (Time Bandits, Kevin/Agammemnon; Word Count: 2226)
"Till human voices wake us, and we drown." (Firefly, Word Count: 2991)
"Confirmation" (BtVS, Tara/Giles, Word Count: 485)
"Of Farms and Princesses" (BtVS/Firefly, Tara/Kaylee, Word Count: 1427)