January 7th, 2006

Giles on a horse, need i say more? [muzakgurrl]

Brokeback Mountain: short story and 2005 movie

After lone_wandering invited me to see Brokeback Mountain, I finally read the original short story.  (Damn, the GoogleCache of the New Yorker doesn't work anymore.  Found this, though.  Yay.  'Cause seeing the movie made me wanna reread the short story.)

[Edit: Pulling that link for someone else Jan. 25, 2006, I get a 404 message. Re-searching, I get a copy of the New Yorker version here.]

So, I read the short story before having seen the movie, and I tried to avoid reading too much about the movie since I knew I was going to see it.  (As opposed to Narnia, where I had no intention of seeing the movie but read with interest people's discussions of the movie.)

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life update

Light dusting of snow on the ground Thursday morning.  And still precipitating lightly as I walked to the train.  Once in Boston, of course, all was wet.  I actually thought of my snow icon as I walked to work, though, as there were pine trees.

The weather people keep saying things like, "Well this storm's gonna pass us by and aren't we glad about that," and I'm like, "No!"

I forgot to mention in my Wednesday update, but the W.Va. miners were the Cover Story on NECN both Wednesday and Thursday.  I was behind on my NYT e-headlines and probably would have skipped over it anyway, so the first I had heard of it was from sk8eeyore -- at a time when it was thought that all 12 miners were alive, so I was off-kiltered by the NECN.  And I got all choked up listening to some of it, 'cause I remain a big sap.

Oh, and Rhode Island became the 11th state to legalize medical marijuana.  For some reason I had thought California was the only state to have that legalized.

Prof.B. never came in on Thursday, so work was so slow.  Friday was the same [most everyone was at ASSA] until after lunch Alyssa handed off some of Deepak & Max's book work to me 'cause she has tons of stuff to do and I don't.  Oh, formatting, how you make my eyes cross.  And I have continued fun to look forward to come Monday.  I am glad to be helpful, though, 'cause it feels weird to be getting paid to just play on the Internet.

Jonah's trains were slow, so I read lots of Brad&Jen&Angelina news, and a little of Tom&Katie, at Out of Town News.  We had dinner at Veggie Planet (where I always get the same thing; I should really branch out).  Then we headed to Loews Boston Common to see Brokeback Mountain.  Both of us had thought about buying tickets online beforehand, but both of us had decided not to.  So of course the 7:20 was sold out.  We got 8:40 tickets, and that theatre was packed, too.  Spoilertastic entry on the movie here.  Trailers before BBM included Curious George, The Fastest Indian, On a Clear Day, Freedomland, ... I was reminded of Serenity and its lack of a coherent target audience.

One of the trailers was for Imagine Me & Yousamfeasor had mentioned this movie a while back, and it didn't sound that interesting to me, but I didn't realize this was the same movie until I recognized ASH in it.  It reminds me some of Chasing Amy and Kissing Jessica Stein (both of which I actually liked), and my inner Smithie (or whatever) is like, "Look at the lesbian finding Tru Wuv with a man.  Look at the lack of actual lesbian movies in the mainstream.  Problematic."

Another trailer was for The Lady in the Water: "A Bedtime Story... by M. Night Shyamalan" (i.e., the guy who did The Village, etc.).  Yeah, I've heard mixed things about him, but watching the trailer I was flashing Melusine legends and definitely wanna see it.

Jonah and I discussed BBM muchly afterward and in part of our conversation we tried to list other gay movies we'd seen, and ‘cause of Trans Awareness Week, initially I could name more trans movies than gay movies.

I slept ~13 hours, which might have been a bit much 'cause this afternoon I was feeling tired.

I went to fill out my etimesheet this afternoon and got, "Sorry there's no available job for you at this time."  The Work History says I ended 12/31/05.  Since I haven't actually been handed contract paperwork by HBS I sent my temp agency an e-mail.

I've been getting (un)friended right and left recently.  This always prompts reflection about the nature of this journal.

On the one hand, I use this journal to record my own life for my own reference (though there is some cutting because I do have some audience awareness).  On the other hand, I really enjoy not only discussing with people, but sharing information.  (And damn, listening to Mary Alice -- esp. 'cause we watch NECN during lunch -- I have gotta start reading InstaPundit et al again.)

[Okay, having caught up on my own LJ, I have like 2 days of flist to catch up on.  Having slept so late today it doesn't feel like it's as late as it is, but sleep is a good thing, and I was hoping to try the 8:45am Lutheran service.  So I should probably just catch up on people only and leave the rest for tomorrow, but we know the Internet eats me alive.]