January 10th, 2006

dead from book

It's only *Tuesday*?

Oh, in case anyone was worried about my getting paid (c.f. Saturday's "life update" entry), "I will update the information and it should then allow you to fill out a timesheet. Thanks for bringing this to my attention."

Ari wrote, "When they saw the star, they were overjoyed. Matt. 1:21 NIV."  This got "When they saw the star, they rejoiced, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy," stuck in my head, even though I'm not even particularly fond of that hymn.  And then from there, I got Ace of Base ["The Sign"] stuck in my head -- "I saw the sign; it opened up my eyes I saw the sign; No one's gonna drag you up, to get into the light where you belong."

Waiting for the Red Line Monday morning I see there are a lot of people.  A train arrives shortly, however.
Conductor: "Attention passengers: There are 6 trains directly behind us."
Guy next to me: "Everyone's gonna try to crowd on anyway, though."
Conductor.  "There is one train at every stop between here and Savin Hill/North Quincy.  If you don't get on this train, the next one will be right here."

(I got on the 3rd train.)

Came into work and the lights were less intensely bright than they were last week.  Jim Brochu came by and explained that the wattage was the same but they were "softer color" fluorescent light bulbs, so they were easier on your eyes.

Eric had jury duty on Monday and got picked for a jury, for a trial which is expected to go until at least Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.  He sounded so forlorn on the voicemail he left me. (He was calling on his lunch break and said he would be letting his faculty, and Bianca, know but that he thought we [the FAs] should know, too, and mine was the only number he remembered off the top of his head. :) He used to sit at my desk, so that's probably it. Or all the calling we do; I know he's the only FA whose number I know off the top of my head.)

In his book, Max quotes The Odyssey, recycling material from a previous book and article.  Neither previous item actually includes a citation, so I utilized Google (Book Search) and got citation information that way.  I win.

Tuesday morning:
The train before the 7:30 had mechanical problems -- at Franklin and Walpole.  It showed up around 7:55 and went direct to Ruggles.  My mother and I opted out of sardining and got on the one that came a few minutes later (which despite containing all the 8:00 people was so empty).  It made all stops (including Forest Hills, which was random).  Entering Ruggles, there was a medical emergency on the train in front of us.  We arrived at South Station at 9:05.  "Again, we apologize; hope your day gets better."

Nancy says we're getting somebody named Jasmine for Eric starting tomorrow and asked me to go down and introduce myself.  I expect Barbara will bring her around as she usually does, but I'm happy to go down myself. Sidenote: Nancy is darling. (She was home grading papers most of last week, so it's nice to have her around again.)

Prof.N. was explaining to the UnitHead how she's been assistant-less 'cause Eric's on jury duty and how she told him all these tricks to get out of being selected, and it made me sad 'cause while I can understand her annoyance, it's not like Eric's irreplacable and if everyone managed to get out of jury duty the whole system would fall apart.  I know the word is impaneled, but I swear UnitHead was saying "impaled."  Oh, and it sounds like Eric's trial's supposed to go until late next week now.

The state of the manuscript:
Friday at lunch: I'm introduced to the assignment.
Friday until closing: I do formatting.
Monday all day: I do citations.
Tuesday: I put all the chapters in a single document, fix all the formatting, e-mail JAA about the endnotes, work on the figures Alyssa has been working with JAA and Tara on, go home.  [Blessedly, JAA fixed all the endnote formatting, and we finally had enough data/knowhow that I was able to fix the figures.  So it should be good to go tomorrow morning.]

The crazy thing is that theoretically Alyssa was supposed to be doing the whole thing herself, but with NEG stuff and whatever else she's barely had time to touch it and I've been doing little else.  And it's due tomorrowish.  Shades of recruiting much? :)

Got an e-mail from Fr. Joseph (St. George Orthodox) today.  So sweet.
Dear Elizabeth:

I haven't forgotten you -- just been swamped the past couple weeks.

Hope you are well, I look forward to chatting soon.

Father Joseph
I say the same to all of you.  If I haven't commented on something of yours it's because I hate you I haven't had the time/energy to do so.  Feel free to poke me if there's anything in particular you want me to make sure to get to.

The Inara/Kaylee fic masterlist continues to get positive feedback.  As does my Anamaria backstory (Pirates of the Caribbean).  My original idea for this was much darker, but now this has become my personal fanon for her.  Anyway, feedback is love, and the joy makes me wanna get back into producing actual content.  I thought about polling the flist about what WIP I should work on, but mentally going through the list I remembered a couple I really wanna work on.

Also: seanarenay is bringing back the incest challenge this Saturday.  I already have a fic to work on for this, but now my brain is insisting I come up with something to write for Simon/River.

March of the Penguins II: Journey to Brokeback Mountain  *weeps*  (in a good way)

Some of country's best libraries have books bound in human skin

I haven't had a chance to read it, but The Volokh Conspiracy is discussing the anonymous e-annoyance law.