January 16th, 2006

crazy [lavellebelle]

[And tomorrow the work week begins again.]

I did a bunch of cleaning tonight.  Boo on dust.  And I don't remember what meat my mom cooked in the crockpot, but cleaning it made me feel almost ill -- which is weird because I usually have no problem with the smell of meat.

(And oy vey I have so much stuff in my room. I have really gotta make myself actually work on that. I have a bunch of YA books I'm getting rid of. Should I post a list for interested parties or just send them off to Goodwill or something?)

Skimming the flist now, there are a bunch of posts I wanna make thoughtful replies to, but I also kinda wanna go to bed -- which is weird because I slept in today.

Decisions, decisions.

P.S. Anyone who knows for sure (cite your sources) whether Ann M. Martin is gay should go inform wisdomeagle.

And one last edit: I walked to the library tonight to return a load of stuff and the temp was probably 20something (weather.com tells me it's currently 24F feels like 12F) and I enjoyed walking in the cold so much. All these mild temps recently it was so good to spend some time out in the kind of weather I love so much. (Yeah, I know, lots of you do not do well with the cold/dark/dreary/whatever, but it brings me joy.)