January 17th, 2006

Darla - love a good view

Les Liaisons Dangereuses / BU Theatre - Mainstage

I should probably just go by myself since I plan to take notes and all, but is anyone interested in attending Les Liaisons Dangereuses with me? It runs through February 5. [And Michael T. Weiss -- i.e., Jarod from The Pretender plays Valmont.]

Tickets are $60, except Balcony is $44 and "Last Row Balcony" is $15. It's playing at BU Theatre - Mainstage, which I don't think I've ever been to, so I don't know how much worse the view is from Balcony seats. Anyone know?
light in the darkness


Amanda had been on the phone trying to get a flight upgraded for like an hour, so I was holding off on lunch. So it was 12:03 and Jessica called asking if I could come see her in her office for a minute. Um, okay. I suspected it was a good thing, though of course we know better than to expect such. It was in fact a good thing. I don't have to accept immediately, but the salary offered certainly sounds good to me (and Laura showed me the pay range for this position and it's definitely above the minimum).