February 4th, 2006

crazy [lavellebelle]

Glorious (1997)

I watched Glorious tonght with my mom.  Not as bad as Definite Article, but still nowhere near as good as Dress to Kill.

"I'm covered in bees" is funnier in the routine than it is randomly out of context (ditto the plastic cup line, though it's less funny).  I have been accused by more than one person of thinking about things too much, and of course that's true here as well, where I'm like, "But that's not how the honey retrieval process works" (though having listened to people complain about Troy, I was pleased by the "Achilles dies, then the war continues for ten years").  I sometimes wonder why certain lines become the uber-popular ones.  I personally might have chosen, "What have you got against baboons in mime?"  And, "Glove death."

"You've got a toaster there, but it has a turny-dial knob thing on the side… and it lies to us."  My mom and I were dying during the shower dial routine.

I also liked the hopscotch as mystic exercise bit.

And the printer sketch during the encore cracked me up.  (Hey look, transcript.)