February 6th, 2006


Rock on, winter!

There were frozen puddles this morning, and that brought me joy. Walking to my 10:30 meeting next door it was windy and lesser people might have chosen the tunnel route. Coming back, the wind was mostly gone and there was white stuff falling from the sky. I didn't manage to catch any on my coat, but joy!

Back to work now.
tired (glasses)

minutiae, apt-hunting, and icons-into-drabbles meme

So, gishmi1ish thinks I should post more about the minutiae of my life.  *waits for the convulsions of laughter to cease*  *wonders if she will need to coax people back with chocolate*

So, I've already posted about the cold weather, which was the highlight of the day.

I spent most of the day's commute napping and people-watching.  I got into the Red Line this morning and the woman in front of me was reading Brokeback Mountain -- the paperback that came out recently -- and someone farther down in the car was reading A Tale of Two Cities (Oxford Classics edition, I think).  Other passenger reads were Tom Robbins' Even Cowgirls Get the Blues and Mona in the Promised Land.  My commuter rail made an extra stop to pick up passengers 'cause another train was broken or something, and then my Red Line was going out of service at Park Street and I got on the second Red Line that came after that 'cause the first one was too crowded.  And somehow this ended up with me arriving at work a couple minutes after 9; I'm usually at least 10 minutes early.  In contrast, I had a bunch of last-minute things at work plus a slow computer so I left work at 5:04 by the computer clock and hustled but not hardcore and got to the T at 5:15 as per usualish and got to South Station ~5:30, which is early.  The Red Line on the way home had a thrift store bedecked woman across from me, sitting next to a woman reading a Gideon Bible, and a woman next to me reading Plays in One Act.

Not much to report in the day itself.  Tired.  I honestly didn't have all that much to do, but just felt kinda fuzz-headed.  Amanda's still out (and Prof.B. left early feeling ill).  Eric was out, too, 'cause his great-grandmother was rushed to the hospital last night :(

Jill is so cute.  She was explaining something to me and asked if I knew [the main professor I supported when I first started at HSB], and I opened my mouth to explain and then she said, "Oh of course you know [that prof]; what was I thinking?"

I made the upgrade list for this month.  Sometime next week.  Rock on.  I complained about the slowness of my computer back in I think December and the TechGuy said I wasn't on the upgrade list, but then earlier this week he was syncing the Palm Desktop and suffering through the slowness he said, "I'll see if I can get you on the list" and lo I am.  (The computer isn't always that slow -- for which I am grateful -- but I was glad it was slow while he was working on it since apparently that's what it took to get me on The List.)

I did manage to get some apartment hunting done.

- Dear self: Call about this one bedroom tomorrow.  [Note to self for mapping: Kendall/MIT T-station is near Broadway&Main.]
- Oh and this studio.
- Also e-mail about this bedroom in a 2BR [condo unit].  "Lease term negotiable" makes me nervous, but I think I'm just spoiled by my parents' (AFAIK) indefinite rental agreements.
- Thoughts on this one bedroom "in a nice 3 bed / 2 bath townhouse near Porter Square"?  The first paragraph gives me a bad feeling about them, but I think that's just a failure of tone to communicate through print, and I feel less put-off in rereading.  And yes it has occurred to me how bizarre it would be were they HBS students.
- And a general query: What does one say when one contacts a person who has listed an apartment one is interested in?  *feels inexperienced and woeful*

(Oh and because it came up and got me curious, my brother's 4BR in Troy, NY just blocks from RPI is $1200/mo.)

Meme via helholden:

Look at my icons. Pick which ones you would like to see written into drabbles. There is a limit of five that you can choose. Likewise, in five days the drabbles must be completed and posted from the date they are requested. Any icon may be chosen, even if it is just a picture or only comprised of text. An icon can only be made into a drabble once. Should an icon be chosen twice or more, be sure to provide a link of the finished drabble to everyone who requested it.