February 13th, 2006


snow report

I wasn't really interested in watching the eleven o'clock news last night, but I did regret that I this didn't get to see the snowfall totals. Channel 5 repeats some of its stuff, though, so the first 10 minutes of the noon news were about the weekend weather, including snowfall totals. They only did a sampling, but they listed Sharon, which is fairly close to me, and that was reported as 17 inches. That sounds about right. The plow/drift piles were up to like my waist this morning, though. (Walking to HBS thay were more like to my knees, and there wasn't much white on the sidewalks/streets.)

They also talked about what defines a blizzard and how only two towns (Providence, RI and Marshfield, MA) met it ('cause conditions have to be sustained for 3 hours).

Reporting from Weymouth, apparently they've used up all their snow money. wtf? This has been an incredibly mild winter. The newscasters had talked about how the snow fell for 17 hours (I think this was as part of the Boston reporting, but I don't imagine it varied that much across the area) and I know they have to pay the plow drivers etc. and working at night they're probably getting doubletime or whatever, but surely you have more than 17 hours allotted in your yearly snow budget.

Tomorrow's predicted high is 38 and then 46/47 for the rest of the week. Sigh.
hermione by oatmilk

[the rest of the day]

Eric bought flowers for his mom (had them sent to her work today 'cause she's taking tomorrow off).  She called during lunch to thank him and listening to his end of the conversation I was confused 'cause I was like, "I know he doesn't have a girlfriend."  Learned afterward it was his mom.  Proof he can be sweet sometimes.  I joked it was his being nice quota for the month.

One of today's Millionaire questions was about feta cheese and I recalled making the mistake of ordering a Greek salad during one of the NEASC days and I realized that meant it must have been 10th grade I became a vegetarian (I'm always unclear as to whether it was 10th or 11th grade).

Sunny came by and mentioned my tomorrow's computer upgrade -- which I'd been wondering/worrying about because he had said it would take 4-6 hours and hi, my computer is kind of essential to my doing my job.  He said 2-3 hours of that was processing that could happen overnight (I think they copy your harddrive and give you a new machine) so he said he could take the computer now (~4pm) and work on it for about an hour and then let it do its thing overnight.

I explained the basics of the situation to Prof.B. and asked if he wanted me to stick around (make copies for his meeting, answer the phone, etc.) or if I could go home early.  He asked which I wanted to do, and I said I would rather go home early.  He said if that's what I wanted to do I should have just said so in the first place.  I countered that I would stay if there was a legitimate reason for me to do so.  "Other than the fact that you work here?"  Oh, my boss.  But he said really I could go home, that I'd been working hard (which was funny 'cause I'd actually done almost nothing all day, but I think he was still thinking about the tie thing -- for which he had thanked me multiple times; I appreciate that he recognizes when he's asking me to do something not really in my job description).

I had to go to Ann Taylor Loft to pick up my clothes, and I needed to go to CVS too, and I'd been hungry all day so I was less than thrilled that I'd be getting home late, but this meant I actually ended up getting my regular train home no rush.  Very nice.

There was a big ole pink display at ATL which I would swear wasn't there when I went on Saturday, and CVS of course had a huge section of red boxes of candy.  I still kept forgetting Valentine's Day is tomorrow -- am reminded every time I saw somebody carrying a bouquet of flowers.  Before we got to Readville, the conductor came on the intercom to remind all the guys that tomorrow is Valentine's Day and to buy gifts if they hadn't yet.

So does the fact that I'm not doing most people's jonoharis mean almost nobody does mine?  *sticks tongue out and pouts*

And I'm spacing out, so I'm thinking an early bedtime is of the good.