February 16th, 2006


springtime in winter

Walking home from the train last night the snow had melted so much. It was really cold when it snowed this weekend, so the snow piled really high (warmer temps while snowing means wetter snow, which obviously doesn't pile as high) so of course when it started to melt it went down really fast. This unseasonably warm weather makes me sad. (Especially 'cause I already felt lame about the fact that I didn't actually go out in the snow on Sunday and here it is all melting away.) The warm weather come actual springtime is so gonna be tainted for me with feelings of "you took/kept my winter from me."
i fight fire with words

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Today helholden was the third flister (in the span of a couple weeks) to mention the Danish cartoon furor. My dad has sent me a slew of links, which I've been working my way through, and I've been wondering about putting together a post of links/excerpts, a la my LJing of yore. I miss issue talking (and feel like I said as much rather recently). Of course, I already have a growing backlog Posts to Write. Sigh.

P.S. The Boston Zine Fair is this weekend. I'm almost tempted.
light in the darkness

Jesse said to his son David, "Take these loaves of bread and cheeses . . . .

Mommy came to Emmanuel Lutheran with me tonight. (Still Epiphany season.)

Pastor Saling led it, which hasn't happened since he had his stroke, so I was quite pleased.

The Scripture reading was 1 Samuel 17: 17-37, and the in-bulletin print trailed off after verse 24, so those of us who had forgotten how the story starts got to be surprised.  I have vague thinky thoughts rolling around the back of my brain, but sleep calls.

The Meditation ("My Other Coat is Chain Mail" by Julia Kuhn Wallace) talked about Saul's armor immobilized him and how the gifts we have don't always fit with the established (normative) ways of doing things and that we do a disservice when we try to make other people (or ourselves) fit how things "should" be done rather than the way God wants those gifts to be used.  And I feel like I'm articulating this poorly, but, um, have I mentioned bed?

I'm such a language dork.  Two of the chants were in English and a different language, so I was reading along in the non-English language and thinking about how the English translations (I assume the non-English is the original language) subtly change the meanings.

Gloria, gloria, gloria, glory be to God on high! And on earth be peace to the people in whom God is well pleased.
!Gloria, gloria, gloria en las alturas a Dios!  Y en la tierra paz para aquellos que ama el Señor.

Confitemini Domino quoniam bonus. Confitemini Domino, alleluia!
Come and fill our hearts with your peace,  You alone, O Lord are holy.  Come and fill our hearts with your peace, alleleluia!

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