February 17th, 2006

hermione by oatmilk

It's gonna be a slow day today.

Though hey, it's almost lunchtime. Today's a free EC/RC day -- nobody's teaching; so this morning was the Mid Winter's Brunch (though I say 9-10:30 is still more like breakfast). And my boss is too sick to come in. So yeah, thinking I might be able to catch up on the stuff I wanna post about. (I was amused to see that musesfool post a list of her own this morning. One thing she mentioned was a "Why did you give that story that title?" thing going around, which intrigues me. I think all of mine are fairly obvious, but feel free to ask. The "Which 5 of your own fics are your favorites and why?" is going around again, and thinking about doing it it was nice to be reminded how much I do like a lot of the stuff I've written -- though part of that is knowing the fullstory in my head even when it didn't all make it into the posted version.)