February 27th, 2006

you think you know...

[So quiet today.]

Cat called last night, but I was watching CSI: Weekends, so I didn't answer my phone. I suspect she validates my life choice :)

I woke up at 6:15* this morning, like bolt up -- that feeling like one has overslept and is in panic. Very weird.
*My alarm goes off at 6:20 and I usually snooze it once and then turn it off and then my dad knocks on my door, so I'm dragging myself out of bed ~6:30.

New hire orientation this morning. I actually put on my gloves heading down Mt. Auburn; it was like a wind tunnel.

This morning I grabbed a yogurt without thinking, so it wasn't the kind I usually have (strawberry kiwi) but rather orange crème. Not bad, but not what I was expecting.

I was very relieved to find that the last-minute rescheduling I had to was less than I had expected. And I've successfully completed all the last-minute stuff from Friday [much of which depended upon hearing back from other people] except for one thing I need Prof.B. for, because he has apparently disappeared off the face of the planet.

Edit [4:02pm] Quite a while back I e-mailed asking for access to Prof.D's office and I never heard back, but I just had opportunity to try it and lo, I do have swipe access.

Edit [4:10pm] Prof.B. finally called in. "You're doing a terrific job. I'm so glad we hired you."

My parents win at fandom.

I told my mom what Prof.B. had said and she said it sounded like I was doing good.  "Yeah, I try not to suck," I replied.  "Who has that line?  Buffy?  Willow?"  "Oh yeah!  'I didn't mean to... suck.'"  I am forever connecting things to Joss lines (and song lyrics) and we are quel impressed that my mom made a connection that didn't occur to me.

(Also: rock on, classics.  I now get the Harvard Magazine delivered to my house -- by virtue of being an employee, I suppose -- and the cover story is "Resisting Temptation: Economics discovers the irrational."  The cover image?  "detail from the 1909 oil painting Ulysses and the Sirens by Herbert James Draper"  I am amused that it is "©The Bridgeman Library/Getty Images")

I was looking at a catalog recently, and it has t-shirts saying "I'm Too Sexy To Be" and comes in 40, 50, and 60.  I would enjoy these shirts worn by someone older than the emblazoned age, but generally they really bug me.  The blurb says: "You're not getting older....You're getting better!  And our tees let the whole world know it," but that's not how I read them.

From TVGuide, February 27, 2006, interview [Craig Thomashoff] with Jorja Fox:
What do you do when you're not working on the show?  I've had a theater company for seven or eight years.  A group of us produced a musical last year.  It's called "Dear Bernard," [and it's] about a woman from a small town in England who moves to America to try and make it as a star.  We're taking the show to London in June.

Will you be in it?  I wish I had the talent to do musical theater.  I'd put together a band and go on the road.  We do have a lunchtime jam band on the CSI set, though.  Lots of crew people are in it.  Gary Dourdan (Warrick) plays a mean guitar and bass.  Robert David Hall [Dr. Robbins] plays guitar.  Marg Helgenberger [Catherine] plays piano.

Is an of this jamming going to show up in CSI?  I have been pitching an all-musical CSI episode for five years.  Grissom is in the lab and some chemical affects him badly and this whole thing takes place in his head.  While he's delirious, the show becomes a musical.  Everybody would have to sing.  Quite probably it would be the last episode ever.
hermione by oatmilk

[destined to become a reference librarian]

I have caved.  Due to its appeal as a supplemenatry search function, I have begun tagging my entries.  With 2000+ entries, this will of course take forever.  I did a bunch of recent ones, but obviously it'll make more sense for me to start at the beginning and work my way through.  This also means I'll get everything into Memories (my primary search function).  Oh the joys of coming up with categories (she says sarcastically, because she is detail-oriented and perfectionist and thus spends what some might consider way too much time thinking about such matters).  Concern: the dominant sorting mechanism seems to be category:subcategory.  I validate this, however doing it myself it sometimes feels too squooshed, like I would rather do category: subcategory.  Thoughts?