February 28th, 2006

hermione by oatmilk

'nother question about tags [which by the end of the entry has turned into more of a complaint]

So, I have 38 entries with the tag "polls," but when I go to view all entries with that tag I definitely don't get all of them. [That tag is also bulleted blue rather than white on the tags management page.] If my count is correct, I get 20. And I don't see any "view next page of tagged entries" option or anything like that. The oldest one shown is from less than a year ago, but I know tags can't be date-limited 'cause I've used Ari's tag function to view entries of hers from well before 2005. And she and I are both S1 users. Though trying out tags of hers which have >20 entries listed, I seem to get a list of only 20 entries. So I tried musesfool, who is an S2 user and got 25 with a "previous 25 entries" option when I tried a 50entry tag. So apparently LJ still hates letting S1 users use tags. Anyone know a workaround? [Other than redoing my layout in S1, natch.]

[Mardi Gras]

Jesus Is Hanging Over the Lesbian
-Stacey Waite

A lesbian's mother and a preacher
are standing over the lesbian.

They are trying to cast out the demons.

Jesus is hanging over the lesbian,
but more concerned with his own demons,
head tilted back, dry blood remnants
of a demon's crown on his head.

The lesbian can not see Jesus.
The preacher is blocking her view
and she is waiting for her leg hairs
to grow like vines, wrap around the preacher's
head until he splits open, until she could see
what was really inside him.

The lesbian wonders how the demons got to her.
And as the concerned members of the community joined
in the casting out of the demons, Jesus slips down from the cross
without anyone noticing (they are all looking at the lesbian).

"Kind of like Baptism," he says, laughs.
"Jesus, I have had unnatural passions for women."
"Understandable," Jesus says, "they are very beautiful,
don't let them fool you, even the grass has passions."

Jesus lifts himself back to the cross.

The lesbian's lover has a voice that sounds like Jesus
and persuades her to swim that night
in the river. The lesbian tosses her shirt,
and as her lover dips her head
back into the river, Jesus makes a sound
that echoes through the empty church,
a sound like a baby crying,
a sound like some blade of grass
has just been touched.
from Sweet Jesus: Poems About the Ultimate Icon (ed. Nick Carbó and Denise Duhamel) p. 85-86. Thanks to polymexina.

I wasn't really into this poem at the beginning (though as I typed it up I found more richness in it -- and felt like such an English major) but "even the grass has passions" won me. (I blame lilithchilde for my love for "the people are grass.")

I don't like the poems in this book enough to do a daily Lent posting, but I had been thinking about it, ['cause I really liked doing daily readings for Advent and am still at a loss for something comparable to do for Lent] and I like the tension between the body and the dominant religious forces in this poem as a post for Mardi Gras (the binging celebration immediately preceding Lent).
hermione by oatmilk

boring; also: tags

Okay, so I can manually add a ?skip= at the end of a tag URL to see the preceding entries.  [wisdomeagle is not on the list of people who fail at helping me with tags.] Which is incovenient, but I'm more sad about the impaired accessibility for everyone else, even though I'm using tags primarily for my own searching convenience.

And I learned that the white bullets next to the tags (in tag management) fill up with blue like thermometers as you increase the number of entries tagged with that tag.  It seems to hit full ~30, however, which confuses me.

I really dislike the way the entries seem to all blur together on the S1 tags page and wish there was a way I could design an S2 layout just for the tags display.  (I'm not really keen to recreate my current layout in S2.)

I do really like the rename feature.  An improvement over the Memories feature wherein you have to manually retag every single entry if you want to change a label.  Love especially 'cause I keep tweaking my system, and the rename function makes that so easy and painless.  Though sadly, it doesn't redirect if you URL to a no-longer-existing tag.
Plus it displays the entries in order of posting, which I wish Memories did (as opposed to "order in which the entries were added, and by added we also mean edited" -- though I suppose it's easier since it's just within your own journal rather than a multiplicity of journals.)

[P.S. ♥ that Semagic breaks your tags down by first letter, so your main menu isn't so unwieldy.]

It was nice today.  Much less windy than yesterday.  And yeah, I honestly liked the cold.  *is freak; knows and revels in it*

Nancy was back.  Her daughters  (Nicole, age 4 and 26 pounds; and Michelle, age 9) learned how to downhill ski in 6 hours one day over the vacation last week.
Nancy's giving the NOM talk next Wednesday afternoon, so Eric and I have been enlisted to possibly babysit Nicole.  I made a crack about giving Eric an impressionable young child and he said that's why she was asking when we were both there.  He is so excited about this, though; talking about getting coloring books and everything.  Tres cute.  Alyssa's gonna be babysitting that day, too, but in the morning (one of Max's doc students is presenting her dissertation, I think).

"Well, let me know if you come up with anything that would look pretty on a slide." -RA to Ravi

I thought about going to
Tue., Feb. 28-"When There Are No Good Choices: Lyndon Johnson and the Vietnam/Great Society Connection." (American Academy of Arts and Sciences) Francis M. Bator, emeritus, KSG. Introduction by Ernest R. May, Harvard University. The House of the Academy, 5:15 p.m. Reception to follow.
but really I just wanted to go home.  So I did.

trijinx called me from a concert to inform me that the New Pornographers' YAMAHA keyboard still says YAAA :D

I never did talk about Monday's new staff orientation.  It included a 4-segment video (The Harvard Legend, You Made A Great Decision, An Insider's Tour, The Harvard Culture).  Yeah, good times.

In FY04 they hired 2,274 people, out of 119,279 -- a 2% acceptance rate, far less than the college itself.  It occurred to me later to wonder if this included faculty hiring 'cause obviously they're gonna have a bajillion faculty apps.  I'm assuming they meant staff, though.

No real amusing anecdotes to speak of.