March 2nd, 2006

Daughter of Eve

[Lent: day 2/40]

No Sweet Jesus poem today. I've gotten rather attached to the idea of doing a poem each day for Lent, though. (Should I post them in the morning instead of near the end of the workday as I've been doing? Does anyone have a preference?)

Yesterday, Allie said Cassie posted Demetria Martinez's poem "Upon Waking, a Lenten Dream" and she reposted it in a comment for me. Amusingly, I had just tagged the entry in which I talk about that poet's reading at Smith back in November of 2004.

So here's an excerpt from another poem by Demetria Martinez:

We're wanderers
Again in clay and in ink, remaking
Our covenant: to become
The eye of the storm, El ojo del dios.
-from "La promesa: for Sonia (born and died May 26, 2000)"
anime night

Bed soon.

So, for the second time in a row, a predicted 1-3 inches turned out to be a thin coat of snow.

I got stood up for my evening coffee with Pastor Hamilton, but this did mean I got to watch CSI and Without a Trace in realtime.

Actually have work to do tomorrow, so episode writeups plus tonight's evening prayer service may have to wait until Saturday.