March 3rd, 2006

big girl world

Yeah, I deserve that chocolate.

Dude. I think I conquered everything. I spent most of the morning on Prof.D's stuff and would have had a mellow afternoon, except that Prof.B. *also* sprang some last-minute stuff on me (RA normally would have done it, but she's home with possibly strep, and a crapped-out Internet connection to boot).
moon house

[Lent: day 3/40]

Today I wandered through the Smith College Poetry Center site for a daily poetry selection.
Van Gogh
by John Balaban
translated from the Bulgarian by Lyubomir Nikolov, with the author

Well, he lived among us and hated winters.
He moved to Arles where summer and blue jays
obliged him to cut off his ear.
Oh, they all said it was a whore
but Rachel was innocent. When cypresses
went for a walk in the prison yard
he went along and sketched them.
His suns surpassed God’s.
He spelled out the Gospel for miners
and their potatoes stuck in his throat.
Yes, he was a priest in sackcloth, who hoped
that one day humans would learn to walk.
He willed mankind his shoes.

I love winter, so this poem has a distancing effect on me from the very beginning, but I do love the ending. (Appropriateness for Lent is of course debateable. Amusingly, Joan Osborne's "One Of Us" came on as I was posting this.)