March 16th, 2006

tell me a story [lizzieb]

not really motivated today, but at least being vaguely productive

I hate finding deadlinks on my website -- almost as much for the fact that no one has alerted me (and thus isn't reading) as for the work involved.

I'm finally reading fic again, which is good. Will actually have a recs list update for the first of the month. Am considering including word counts as I've found myself in recent months concerned about the length of a story (since I have less free time than I used to) though the amount of work that would be involved in that makes me cringe. Thoughts?
books and heart

on fictional desire

(Sidenote: thistlerose is talking about poly marriages.)

alixtii is talking about fictional desire.  Much of it makes my brain hurt trying to process (I was a bad English major and didn't even touch philosophy.) but one thing that struck me both in the post itself and in comments thusfar was the idea that if these characters we say we desire showed up on our doorstep we wouldn't have sex with desire them.  I'm personally choosing not to have sex with anyone right now, but in terms of desire?  Oh yeah.

This reminds me of a conversation I had with Allie some years back about Ethan and other "villainous" characters and how I kept getting stuck on "But if I encountered him in real life..." that while I could appreciate his character [definition: person, not ethics] I couldn't actually say I liked him because I kept getting stuck on that.  Thinking about this now, I would say my opinions on just about anything fictional are predicated on "if it were real."

It's possible that I should have just replied on Alixtii's journal, but I was curious to hear what my particular flist thinks.

(NB: This is a different discussion from the living-vicariously-through-porn discussion.  Obviously there's overlap, but I'm not interested -- in this discussion -- about whether/how much you imagine yourself in the sex/relationships you write but rather if your desire for fictional characters would remain if they suddenly became "real."  Because I always assumed that except for stuff that fell under the "fantasizing about the bad boy" type of category, everyone's desire for fictional characters seamlessly transitioned into "if they were real" and yet apparently I am very mistaken in this.)