March 18th, 2006

light in the darkness

[Lent: day 18/40]

Three Prayers
-Kevin Hart

Master of energy and silence
    Embracer of contradictions
Who withdraws behind death
    Like horizons we never touch
Who can be One and Many
    Like light refracting through glass,

Stepping in and out of logic
    Like a child unsure of the sea
In and out of time
    Like an old man dozing, waking,
In and out of history
    Like a needle through cloth,

Who we chase and bother with theories
    Who hides in equations and wind
Who is constant as the speed of light
    Who stretches over the Empty Place
Who hangs the Earth upon Nothing
    Who strikes like lightning.


Master of Light, my God,
Before whom stars tremble
And fall into themselves,

Who glows within each thing
Beyond reach of language
And deeper than silence,

Who passes through the Dark
That draws us towards death
And makes it one with you,

Whose Light is everywhere
Wherein I stand and see
My shadow disappear.


You do not speak to me of death.
You do not pester me, like some.

Far too busy with the universe,
Sometimes not busy enough,

Searching out your softer parts,
Trying to squeeze yourself in:

Showing off your famous night sky
Like a child with a new drawing,

Forever posing impossible problems
We try to solve like crosswords:

So when I wake and see the ceiling
Mottled like an old man's skin

I think of you,
When I imagine the grinning dead

I think of you,
And also when, at night,

I sometimes wake to find
A hand slowly stroking my thigh.
from Place of Passage: Contemporary Catholic Poetry ed. David Craig and Janet McCann (Ashland, OR: Story Line Press, 2000) p. 57-8
nice is different than good

17 episodes of CSI watched so far.

Remember how I said I was reading fic again?  Well as per usual I try to feedback most of what I read.  One of them was a Without a Trace fic by eolivet.  So in my brief e-mail check tonight while Cat was finalizing travel plans, I see the following LJ comment to my darkfic:
Hello! You were kind enough to provide a review of my story -- I hope you don't mind I found your fic journal so I could return the favor. :) This story is unbelievably raw and the language is beautiful -- but it's the ending that's I'm a little in love with the last sentence. So perfect, so dark... What an amazing work!! Keeeep writing!!! :D

Okay, back to She Who Owns My Weekend now :)

P.S. My mom was showing Cat some old photos and dude, gothy vamp costume from Masquerade Ball 1998?  Pictures of me I actually like.  [I look less young, round-face.]  They're kind of yellow tinted (flash issue, I assume) but still; definitely need to scan.  I should make them okcupid pictures or something ;)