March 25th, 2006


[Lent: day 25/40]

Poem (for EMA)
-Nikki Giovanni

though i do wonder
why you intrigue me
i recognize that an exceptional moth
is always drawn
to an exceptional flame

you're not at all what you appear
to be
though not so very different

i've not learned
the acceptable way of saying
you fascinate me
i've not even learned
how to say i like you
without frightening people

sometimes i see things
that aren't really there
like warmth and kindness
when people are mean
but sometimes i see things
like fear and want to soothe it
or fatigue and want to share it
or love and want to receive it

is that weird
you think everyone is weird
though you're not really hypocritical
you just practice not being
what you want to be
and fail to understand
how others would dare
to be otherwise
that's weird to me

flames don't flicker
and moths are born to be burned

it's an unusual way
to start a friendship
but nothing lasts forever

Haven't touched LJ since last night.  Popping on briefly for daily Lenten poem.  Obviously haven't been poem-reading all day, and as so often it is so debateable how Lenten this is (though also as usual I could totally argue its Lentenness if I were so inclined).  I do love this poem, though.

I'll be back sometime tomorrow.  Sleep well and prosper.