March 26th, 2006


"And by people, I mean moles." -Kate

Slept through church two weeks in a row.  Sigh.  Having company's worth it, though.  Loff Cat like whoa.  And dude, platonic sleeping together?  Awesome idea.  (Thanks to Kate for that one.)

Cat & Kate discovered that you really can walk underground from Park St. to Downtown Crossing.  I totally hadn't thought that was an actual possibility.

I also learned that Uno Chicago Grill actually has a ton of yummy vegetarian foodage options.

I'm up to mid-S3 of CSI and will be writing episode writeups for the rest of my natural life.

Lessee, anything else of note to write about?  Oh, at dinner with Cat and Kate we were talking about Smith (natch) and Kate said that Smith is a very "naked' school, not just physically (hello, Convocation) but also in the sense that we very much put our shit right out on the table -- which can of course be both good and bad.  I thought (and still do) this was a brilliant way of articulating it.
(hidden) wisdom

[Thursday] Lenten Evening Prayer at Emmanuel Lutheran Church: The Promise of Righteousness

I may have skipped Sunday services, but visitors didn't entirely take priority over usual routine.  Cat came along to Lutheran prayer with some reluctance (she's not Lutheran, though I pointed out I'm not either) but she ended up really enjoying it, for which I was glad.

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older Cordelia

[Lent: day 26/40]

My Sweet, Crushed Angel

You have
not danced so badly, my dear,
trying to hold hands with the Beautiful One.
You have waltzed with great style, my sweet, crushed angel,
to have ever neared God’s heart at all.

Our Partner is notoriously difficult to follow, and even His
best musicians are not always easy to hear.

So what if the music has stopped for a while.
So what if the price of admission to the Divine is out of reach tonight.

So what, my sweetheart, if you lack the ante to gamble for real love.

The mind and the body are famous for holding the heart ransom,
but Hafiz knows the Beloved’s eternal habits. Have patience,
for He will not be able to resist your longings
and charms for long.

You have not danced so badly, my dear,
trying to kiss the Magnificent

You have actually waltzed with tremendous style,
my sweet, O my sweet,

by Hafiz; in Love Poems from God: Twelve Sacred Voices from the East and West, ed. Daniel Ladinsky, p. 178
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Hey, Cat.

Today's Zits comics strip made me think of you.  Go here, March 26.  I also enjoy this one :)

Also: You know that Netflix commercial "Hello madam, we are the romance movie you requested"?  I commented to my parents tonight that I would be rather disturbed if a movie I requested was happening in my house when I came home, like what if I requested CSI, dead bodies and all?  My mother said, "Cat would think she'd died and gone to heaven."

Edit: permalinks for the comics: first one, second one